kids tv

whats ur kids fav tv programme?

kids is waybuloo, itng, n show me show me

plus she loves dancing to timmy time lol


  • We dont have much TV anymore, im sick of having kids TV in the background all day. If we do Tyler like ITNG & waybuloo. Or we have baby TV (703 on VM) as they are designed esp for babies. xx
  • jessica likes something special, itng and thomas the tank
  • Ashton loves Something Special!!!!!!!!!!!! xxx
  • Sian loves anything with music lol as she can dance
    Her favs are ITNG, Tweenies & Big cook little cook
  • daisy loves tv her favourite is peppa pig and in the night garden i sky plus everything cus she goes mad when the adverts are on lol xx
  • Kade loves Me too (which he calls granny murray lol), Peppa Pig, Balamory & will stop to give his attention to anything with music!!
  • Kara loves Mickey Mouse, Winnie the Pooh, Handy Manny, Bear in the Big Blue house and her all time favourite is Balamory. Believe it or not she really loves Annie the musical and knows the actions. However she never sits and watches TV. She gets bored very quick. She loves playing and reading books more.
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