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What kind of yoghurt ?UPDATE

Hi, only been weaning Archie for a couple of weeks and just been one meal a day till now. But introduced 2nd this morn and seemed to go fine.
Anyway back to yoghurt... after his food at about 4.30-5ish he still has some milk as this is when he prevoiusly had a bottle. But he's been having more and more food and less milk and only an 0z or so yest. So I thought I could give him a yoghurt instead of an oz of milk. But what kind ? Petit filous?
Also thought I could give him yoghurt with fruit puree for breakfast, instead of always baby cereal. Can I use natural yoghurt ?
Thanks, Suz xx
He loved his muller little start fromage frais. But hated the broccoli and potato puree thing I'd made him. So sods law he ended up eating most of the yoghurt, which I hadn't planned on giving him, and hardly any veg. But he didn't want any milk and lasted till bedtime. So will see if the loss of a couple of oz's milk will make a difference to his sleep. (he has a cold so that will probaby make more of a diff) . Ta girls. S x

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  • You can give Petit Filous but it does have added sugar in so try not to give too often.
    You can give full fat natural yogurt mixed with fruit puree as the sugar is natural. There are some good yogurts by Rachel's Organice which is just wholemilk yogurt mixed with fruit puree. I get these from Tesco but sure other supermarkets must sell them. They will be with the Petit Filous' and Muller Little Stars.
  • hi there hun yes babies can have natural yoghurts.Alot of the so called baby yoghurts are high in sugar so i tend to steer clear of them.I do buy rachels organic or plum baby fromage frais as these contain no sugar and grace loves them xxx
  • Hi, Angelo just has plain greek yoghurt and loves it. He never really had the fruit/flavoured yoghurt and so seems happy with just the plain stuff. Sometimes I'll add fruit to it but usually I give it sepearately. x
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