What is going on??? anyone?? pls i'm desperate!!!

For the last few weeks, matthew has been waking for a feed. this is anywhere from 2am til 5am. He is 11 months and i dont know why he is doing it. I get up other times in the tight for dummy plugs and i try to give him dummy plugs thru this time of wanting a feed but it doesnt work!! He just cries until i give in.

Can anyone help? i really dont want this to start becoming a nasty habit! surely he doesnt need this feed, although he is drinking around 6oz. If i try and give him water, he spits it out and refuses to go back to sleep unless i give him milk.

Can anyone help?

Thanks in advance xxxx

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  • what time is his last bottle? & how many oz's are in it? could it be up'd any.. to save him waking later for more? do you think you could give him a yorgurt as well? just thinking maybe its a growth spurt? might need a little extra to get through it! x
  • he has a weetabix and 5 to 6 oz of milk. he wont drink anymore than that. he has it between 7.30 and 8pm x

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  • have you tried giving him water instead during the night? Sometimes Harry gets a bit hot and bothered and some water seems to do the trick most of the timE! xxx
  • Perhaps.. tempory introduce a dream feed? I've done it for a while with my little one and really found it great!! although he is much young 5 & months.. the last two nights we haven't given it because I introduced another meal.. the evening one..& this seems to be enough for him.. however if he at a later date has another growth sput and starts waking in the night for milk, I would reintroduce it again for a short peroid of time to 'see him thru' at that'll give him a break from his last bottle, & top him up at a reasonable hour for you.. like just before you go to bed.. & then when your ready to take it off him again either reduce the scoops of milk per oz so it becomes more watery till it is just water, or just reduce the amount of oz of milk all together, so from 6 to 5, thrn 5 to 4 ect.. hope this helps! like I said my little one is younger but I think this is what I would try.. at least it should save you getting up at silly O'Clock even if it's not ideal! xx
  • Holly was a complete nightmare for this! She has just turned 1 and things are slowly getting better. What I had to do was completely ignore her (I stopped taking the baby monitor to bed with me, I could hear her if she needed me but didnt have her screaming in my ear) It took about 4 or 5 days of me just ignoring her when she woke up and leaving her to cry herself to sleep (very hard thing to do) and eventually she got the message and now sleeps right through with no bother. You might have to be cruel to be kind, another thing how much does your lo eat and drink through the day? Maybe offer an extra few mouthfuls at each feed? Hths xxx
  • Thanks girls. I think i will try ignorning him. He goes to bed awake and settles himself very well. at feed times, he eats as much as he will take. i feed him his meal, then pudding. if he is still wanting food he will have a banana to. and at supper time, 2hrs after t. he has a weetabix and his bottle.

    So will try ignoring him and see how it goes. my eldest has slept thru since he was 6 weeks old so this is all new to me!! lol xxxxx
  • Oh see.. cause my baby is younger I didn't think so much about them being contious of what they are doing! Holly's mum is prob right! x
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