Newborn weight worry

When Skye was born, she weighed 6lbs 3oz, and has been weighed regularly since. I know that newborns lose up to 10% of their body weight after birth, but Skye still hasn't regained her birth weight after 2 weeks. Since her birth, she has weighed 5lbs 14 oz (using old non electronic scales), 5lbs 12oz (using electronic scales), 5 lbs 11oz (using electronic scales) and 5lbs 11.5oz (using same scales when was 5lb 12oz).

the mw is coming out on Monday, so am really hoping she has put on weight. She is peeing and pooing and b/feeding regularly since birth. So don't understand why she isn't gaining weight.

Should I be worried or has this happened to anyone else?



  • Sorry I didnt want to R and R but I think it can take some babies ages to regain birth weight, I think Emmas little Molly took a few weeks, David was a monster baby and gained 8oz in his first week, he never lost any.. lol Boys eh?
  • Hi Susan - Lyla took 3 weeks before she was back up to her birth weight, and now she's gaining like a good un! As long as Skye is feeding, weeing and pooing, then don't worry. Before long she'll be piling on the pounds!

  • hi honey!!

    try not to worry too much about this - my last lo weighed 7lb 10oz at birth and didnt weigh that again until she was 28days old!! - she fed well, settled, peed, pood etc etc. i got upset about it (and me a midwife too! should have known better!!!)

    all i would suggest, is at the moment, eat a high calorie diet, and drink plenty of water. if she continues to struggle, ask your midwife / lactation consultant to advise you on different ways of feeding (ie "switch" feeding)
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