What's classed as 'sitting unaided'?

My boys have always been slightly behind - due to them being identical twins, 4 weeks early and lazy boys! I have worried about this from day 1.

When the HV came to do their 8 month check she said they should be sitting unaided by 10 months, which would be 11 months in the case of my boys, before I need to worry.

Well, they are 10 months old on Friday and im just wondering what is classed as being able to sit unaided? They can both sit for a long period of time on their own, but I cant leave them. Sometimes they will fall (heavily) after a few seconds, sometimes after a few minutes, but they cant be left sitting confidently. They can sit up for ages if they *want* to! Would you class this as sitting unaided or do they have to be sitting alone, without anyone needing to be there, before they can be classed as being able to sit unaided?


Gemma, Ryan and Alfie 10 months on Friday


  • i would say thats sitting unaided x
  • My lo does as you describe, her problem is that she won't sit still for long enough and is forever trying to crawl. It's not a case of can't sit unaided, it;s because she finds sitting still boring! I would class her as being able to sit unaided xx
  • Raf has been sitting since 5 1/2 months and even now at almost 8months he still has the odd fall (normally when he gets over excited and kicks his legs which throws his weight back!
    I think from what you describe, your boys are sitting unaided, they are just boys....capable but lazy!!

    x x x
  • I wouldnt class this as unaided. I classed it when LO could rebalance himself when he went to topple over, put his arms/hands out and redjusted.

    When do the 4 weeks that they were born early equal out?

  • I agree with ladyk, I think that they are almost there but I think sitting unaided is sitting without falling over and if they do they can readjust themselves if they do topple
  • It depends on whether they can rebalance themselves or not. My LO can sit unaided, he rebalances himself if he goes to fall over but sometimes he actually throws himself backwards or forwards. This is because he is so busy and constantly on the go, because of this if I am not sitting on the carpet I do place pillows behind him (just in case). When he does throw himself backwards he does hold his head up so we have been able to avoid an accident! He mostly throws himself forward to roll and grab something but in frustration he has been know to go backwards!
  • Well if always rebalancing yourself is the criteria I still can't sit fully unaided! Lol I had to get a special chair with arms at work coz I'm the worlds worst for getting distracted by something or someone and forgetting there's no arms and falling off my chair...needless to say as soon as I told them I was pregnant they got me my nice armed chair lol

    I'd class it as pretty much being able to sit unaided, I mean let's face it, even as adults we can get distracted when doing the 'simplest' of things like walking and then falling over or walking into a lamppost eh lol
  • Thanks ladies...im glad im not the only one who can't agree/decide

    mummy and emmy-lee - Your post made me laugh out loud...thankyou very much for cheering up my Thursday morning! I lost the ability to be upright unaided when pg! The amount of times hubby/best friend/mum/stranger in the street had to catch me as I was about to topple over the nearest crack in the pavement/child/small dog is far too many to count. I seemed to lose the ability to balance!

    Ill keep practicing with them then, but wont worry TOO much!
  • I would class that as sitting unaided. Even if HVs do disagree, it surely won't be long until they can rebalance themselves if they're already at this stage.

    No worrying allowed! Just enjoy those lovely boys.
  • I would def say this is sitting unaided. When lo starts to walk they will still have falls when they are unable to balance but you sould still class them as being able to walk.
  • glad i make you laugh hun! makes my work mates laugh all the time when i randomly just land on the floor lol

    just enjoy your lovely boys and try not to worry they sound like they're doing fine to me and everyone else on here x
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