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Any ideas, baby pulling knees up, sweating holding chest...

Did you ever find out what it was that your baby was doind? Did your baby ever stop doing this? How long did it last? 

Your descrption is the closest one I have found to what my daughter has been doing lately. No one can seem to give us an explanation. 

Her bowel movements are normal, she eats fine, isn't fussy, but will sit for long periods of time pulling her knees up into her chest (just with her stomach musles and back; no hands). She doesn't cry or seem in pain, but is definitely straining, and starts sweating like crazy. 

Please let me know anything that you have discovered on the matter. I am pretty worried. 

Thank you.


  • Sophollie and Sarah. please google the term infantile spasms...this sounds exactly like what I was seeing in my 7 month old son.  they first started a couple months earlier, as what you describe as knees coming up to the belly with the fists clenched to her chest in short episodes. He would also look uncomfortable abd break out into a sweat. Infantile spasms happen most often just before they go to sleep or just after they wake up...Please, PLEASE check this out and try to get it on video to show your childs doctor. It is a VERY serious condition that needs prompt attention. EEG is best for diagnosing this condition as well as having the episodes on video. You Tube also has many videos of this if you are unsure of what you are seeing.

  • My daughter is doing the exact same thing...clinching,sweating and pulling her legs towards her chest and clinching her shirt if she has one on.What was your child diagnosed with???

  • Not sure if any of you received a diagnosis or if this behavior continues.  My 5-year old daughter has done this since infancy and the best/likely explanation I found is that it's how she works through growing pains.  She does this sporadically and within a week or two has grown a size in clothing or height. Hope this helps.  

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