Hello and a question!

Hi ladies, just wanted to introduce myself, I had my little boy last friday he doesn't have a name yet but we are working on it!!

Looking forward to chatting to you all, although I'm in complete shock at how little time I get to myself to do things like email friends and come on BE!!!

Also got a question, I'm breastfeeding and LO wakes every 2-3 hours for a feed but it takes a good hour of feeding him as he then falls asleep during feed but won't settle completely and nappy changing before we can then go back to sleep. Was just wondering if its normal for it to take a good hour to do all this everytime he wakes? I thought I was prepared for the sleep deprevation but its come as a complete shock that I can't just feed him for 10min then go back to bed!!!!!! I'm probably being very naive and the midwives seem to think he's doing well, but just wondered what other peoples experiences were????



  • firstly congratulations! hope you find a name soon for your lovely little man!
    we had the same feeding problem with evie, i tried bf for 10 days that was all i lasted! evie would feed for an hour, fall asleep, would try to put her down in the moses, she would scream for an hour then i would have to feed her again.
    i was worried i wasnt making enough milk but she started gaining weight and had the right amount of wet/dirtynappies so mw didnt know why evie was so unsettled inbetween feeds.
    i couldnt cope with it all i was so tired, in the end we gave her a bottle and haven't looked back. its not the right decision for everyone but for Evie it was, she took the first bottle and slept for 4 hours!
    good luck hope you can get some sleep soon, the first few weeks are hard but it gets better - well thats what people keep telling me!
  • Congratulations and welcome, firstly! Lol

    What you're experiencing is completely normal. As he learns to become more efficient at sucking and your body gets used to producing the amount of milk he needs it will get quicker! So keep at it, you're doing great! Xxx
  • Hello and congrats on your baby!
    I had the same problems as you when i first had my 2nd son, i bottle fed my first baby but decided to breast feed 2nd time nearly gave up the first week as seemed i was constantly feeding and getting no sleep but soon started to settle and im still breast feeding 4 months on. I found feeding him off one side each feed and switch on the next feed kept him fuller for longer as the hind milk is richer. Keep up the good work your doing fine xx
  • Congratulations!!
    Yup that all sounds familar re bf....!! It does get easier as they become quicker and older. Also your lo is approaching his first growth spurt, I remember walking round with my lo attached to my boobs! We've been feeding for 4 months now and at night she can go 6 hrs between feeds, so it does get better image

    Well done, your doing a brilliant job it's hard work!
  • Cant help with the breastfeeding as i stopped almost a year ago with Tegan and i cant remember a thing, but things will settle down soon and get better. Congratulations on your little boy and good luck naming him xx
  • Hi welcome and congrats on your little boy!
    I remember it being like that the first couple of weeks, it feels as if your doing nothing but feeding. It does get better and it does get to the 10 minutes and you can go back to bed stage. Ive been doing it 6 months now and it was the right decision for us
  • Hi,
    Just to say sorry no help with the old bf issue but welcome to Baby and hope you find a fab name for lo soon. Am sure the feeding will settle into a more 'reasonable' pattern soon but it is a shock to the system!
    Took us 2 or 3 days to settle on a name and I had to try quite a few to see what suited him!
    Bekkie x
  • Congrats hun and hope you find the perfect name soon image

    It does get easier with the bfing! He will start to go a bit longer in between feeds, Amber used to feed for about an hour then off to sleep then up again an hour or so later for another feed! I was so knackered, I would say when she was about 6 weeks is when she went about 2 and half hours hours in the evening and about 3 in the day. I think he is doing really well hun! Amber didnt got that long till she was bottle fed, now she will go 3/4 hours sometimes 5, in the night is different though sometimes she will sleep through others she is up 3 time eeeek!!

    I had to switch to bottle after about 4months as she started refusing it and screamed till she had a bottle.

    B'feeding is damn hard so well done you, xxx
  • thanks for all your welcome messages and advice on bfeeding! Can't believe how little time I have for coming on here now!

    The little milk monster (as we are calling him in as we still can't decide on a name!!) does actually seem to be going a bit longer in between feeds so not sure if my milk is just coming in a bit better but its certainly a bit of a relief, now just got to sort out how sore my boobs are...the joys of breastfeeding eh?!!!

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