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For those who give milk in beakers

Hey ladies

Well I think I may have finally cracked weaning Dylan off bottles, if offered during the day allowing him to do it independently and not at traditional morning and bed times he will drink milk happily from a beaker.

I have 2 questions though.....

Does it matter he doesn't have a bedtime drink? He still sleeps through etc I just wondered if he should have milk before bed?

And how do you make up formula in beakers? Im bad and make bottles up in advance for day (he only has 2) and currently I have been tipping the formula into the beaker as he likes beaker half full and at room temp or fridge cold (liked bottles warm odd child!) and then I constantly refill it, just wondered if there was a better way?

Many thanks ladies xxxx


  • Well done!

    I don't think a bedtime drink is crucial, when my son was quite little and still fully breastfed he didn't actually have a feed before bed for a while as it wasn't the way our routine worked (feeds at 7 then dream feed at 10.30, but bed at 8.30). He loves his bedtime drink now and asks for it, but I also think he'll need to stop or move it for potty training (he's 2 now), so to me it's not an issue if a child isn't having a bedtime milk drink, if he's still settling ok - as long as he's getting some milk in his diet it doesn't matter when it is.
    So he's not missing his bedtime bottle but won't drink milk from a beaker then? - aren't they funny!

    I used to make the formula up in a bottle too and tip it into the beaker. Thinking about it, I'd measure the water in the bottle, then pour it into the beaker, then put the powder in - but sometimes the powder would try to go everywhere when I put the lid on, so probably not the best way. It did mean though that the bottle didn't have to be sterilised, but I did sterilise the beaker until he was 1.
  • We have just moved from bottles to beakers and I make the milk in the bottle with a lid, cool it down and then tip it in. But I make ours up when we need them xx
  • I used to use a bottle to measure the water - tip it into the beaker, and then add the scoops to the beaker. (saves on washing up!) but whatever works for you is fine hun. xxx
  • I give cartons when I am giving her milk in a beaker. Only because I have learnt my lesson making up powdered formula and then putting the lid on and shaking the beaker! I can't believe the force made the lid come off and I had milk all over the ceiling!
  • Thank you ladies,

    Hannahsmummy the image of milk shooting up to the ceiling made me smile after a stressful afternoon so thank you image

  • I'd just love to know how to get my baby off bottles! or maybe I'm trying too early?? she is 9 months and two weeks old (but my problem is she LOOKS the same height as one year olds!) and I'm beginning to get embarrased that people think she's too old to drink from a baby bottle when out and about!
    I'm sick of seeing babies smaller than mine holding their own bottles whilst going along in their pushchairs! or holding beakers happily drinking their milk and my little madam refuses to hold hers at all, and will twist and turn it and chuck it on the floor and continue crying, she wont touch just water, or baby juices either.

    I've tried buying different styles of cups/bottles, the traditional beaker (went everywhere!), non spill spouted ones (she wont suck them), some with handles some without with soft large teats that were labelled to help move my baby from baby bottle to training cup! none of the work and she just will not hold, or attempt to suck any of them!!! I've tried expensive branded ones to cheap supermarket ones!

    I'd LOVE to know how you all did it!! xx
  • tutandidamoon, Dylan is only 9 months but like your lo he is as big as a lot of 1 year olds. He is also stubborn and headstrong and it took me a while to take from a beaker and the best thing I can suggest is to stay calm and perserverence. I don't push it as when I did he launched the beaker across the kitchen! I just put it in front of him and if he picks it up and puts it to his mouth big praise and smiles it took a while but perserverence did pay off!

  • i dont think its Rafferty that would have a problem having his milk from a beaker....its me! He only has 2 bottles a day and the morning one he has in our bed, all cosy when he is still a sleepy-head and the bedtime one is the only real time he sits still! i love it but i think i will change to a beaker for milk when he is one! (you wait....i'll get to 1 and i will say 18months!!!) ...bad mummy!!!
  • hi Em - Dylan is doing so well - we are trying beakers for daytime milk but not for the bed time one (this is more for my cuddle really - bad mummy!)

    What beaker has been successful for you ? x
  • Its a cheap one from boots was on sale and was the bargain price of a pound! It has a fold down spout so is portable but doesn't require him to suck (cant remember what its called)

    I've not fully succeeded with getting all his milk in him yet but I know how stubborn he can be and so thats why i've started now. Plus I still get my cuddle for storytime image and if he hasn't had all his milk he will still have whats remaining in a bottle so if your bad mummies I am too image
  • Thanks Dylansmummy

    I will keep trying I suppose! did again today at lunch time, she was making her normal protest for her milk and I showed her it was in her cup, but as normal she throws a wobbler! wont even let me put it to her mouth even though she knows her milk is in it! some of it spilled on her highchair tray, she saw it and started putting her fingers in it then into her mouth! I put her cup in front of her and say 'here you go drink your milk" she just lets rip and and throws it to one side and then on the floor!
    By this time I give up! she's making so much noise AND mess! so I pick up the cup and decant it back into the bottle I just mixed it up in! as I walk back her eyes light up and she opens her mouth! I put it on the tray in front of her but she just WILL NOT pick it up! she just swipes it away in frustration! it drives me mad! I then hold it for her and she is in such a tizz she gets all narky and turns her head away anyway!!
    Its SOOOO annoying! I know sh'e capable of holding it as she has done a couple of times when I have given her a bottle at night time when changing her bum ready for bed! if she's laid on her change matt she'll hold it if I guide her hands, but she will TRY and make me continue.
    I understand that sat in her highchair the bottle with 7oz may be too heavy for her to hold? so I only put in about 4 Ozs, but she just will not budge!

    Am I wasting my time? and money on these cups! I did wonder if it was something I was doing, so made hubby try it when he fed her but hse does the same thing - I've also tried putting juice in a no spill cup but she will let you put it to her mouth............. she taste it then spit it all out then do the same as she does with it if it was her milk in there!

    Is it bad that I just give in to her Avent baby bottles again after all the fuss? - AND hold the same thing for her? or am I making it worse? by giving in?

    or please tell me. do you think I should just chill and keep holding her milk and putting it in a baby bottles at almost 10 months old??
  • my LO keeps trying to hold the bottle herself as we feed her - she can't quite yet as she ends up feeding herself air so we bought a tt explorer bottle, its just like her normal bottle but has an extra bit with cup handles this means we can hold the bottle so she can drink the milk and she can hold the handles so thinks she is doing it. Could you try doing this so your LO is bottle fed like she wants but you can encourage her to hold the handles to get used to it before you letting go?
  • Sorry Dylan's muumy that wasn't linked to your original question x
  • my son sam,6 months old,i tried with soft spout tommy tippy beaker for few weeks for his milk.he was fine with it.couple of days before he managed to drink same amount of milk in the tommy tippy hard spout beaker both day and night.he likes more  milk rather than should i reduce the milk intake?

  • I know this was a while back but I’m going through the same thing at the moment. My little one is nearly one and totally refuses to drink from a cup or beaker. She used to sip her water from it fine until a couple of weeks ago, now she won’t let me come near her with anything other than the bottle!

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