Tips on putting a 13 month old to bed please

Well my little one is now 13 months and weighs 10kgs. Up to now I have been nursing and rockign her to sleep in my arms and it has been working fine. It has now come to the point where she is a little too heavy to nurse for long. I will have to start putting her down awake but am nervous that she will cry. I need to read up on this control crying maybe. Just wondering if anyone out there is in the same boat. I have been putting this off for a while now.

Advise please


  • My LO is 13 months old as well.

    Her routine goes......................

    Bath at 4pm with me or her daddy.......out and dried PJ's on for 445.

    Tea at 5.

    When she's finished her tea she plays til 6.15.

    Then we watch In the Night Garden and she'll have her bedtime milk downstairs.

    Goes up to bed between 6.30-6.45. We wait for a 'tired sign' and put her up as soon as she gets tired.

    Put her in her cot on her back, she'll sit up, we blow kisses in the room and say 'bye byes' and wave. She'll then wave back (it's sooooooo cute) and we leave.

    She then sleeps through til between 6am and 6.45am the next morning.

    We moved house 3 months ago, and since moving we did struggle with leaaving her alone in her cot as she used to cry. She was fine at the old house, and always used to go to sleep by herself, but for 3 weeks after we moved here we had problems. Just persevere. We found going up together helped, rather than seperatly, and not getting her out of her cot, as she used to cry when we layed her back down. It only took 3 weeks and a lot of patience and she is now back to how she was.


  • Thanks for that. Will definetly try it. I was also wondering what your little one eats?? I seem to stick to boring old meat and veg although going to try a spag bog for Ellie tonight. She is not a brilliant eater and very easily distracted from her food !!!
    Thanks again
  • Are you on Facebook or MSN?

    Kelsie tends to eat what we do. We eat quite healthily most nights. She loves her meat and veg. But does also eat things like pasta, spaghetti shapes, soup, jacket potatoes, vegy bakes. Just asked OH and they only thing we can think of that she doesnt like is lamb and raspberries so far!! She's not a fussy eater, and eats well!!

    Eats lots of yoghurts, fruit, rice pudding!!

    Drinks diluted baby juice, and smoothies!

  • sam is 13 months old too and this is our routine...

    5pm - tea

    6/6.30pm - bath, massage and pjs on

    7pm - bottle and bed image

    he gets up at 9am/10am

  • Hi, yep on Facebook - Tracey Discombe. Would love to hear from u. Thanks for the information. Just need to be a bit more adventerous. Have the Annabel Karmel books so will have a nose at them tonight I think. Will let u know how bed time goes ! !
    Big hugs
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