Baby pasta

Can I only give lo baby pasta, or can I give normal pasta? xx


  • you can give normal pasta. if you find it too big you can literally cut it up with kitchen scissors image
  • hi hun

    for blw its better to use normal pasta as small shells they can suck back which cause gagging. I made the mistake and bought penne which are similar to slippery goldfish! The best are fusili as they are easier to hold hth x x x
  • We use boots baby stars pasta and lo loves it, I dont eat pasta myself so it's easier for me to just buy baby pasta and cook what she needs from that,
  • Thanks for your replies. I thought it was ok, but felt it better to check.

    I have Fusili in the cupboard, so that was the one I intended to use. :\) xx
  • I gave DS big pasta but he really struggled with it and just sucked the sauce off. I now give him baby pasta and he loves it as he can scoop up handfuls of it x
  • Thanks Smithyswife. We are doing BLW and purees, so big pasta is good! James hasn't mastered chewing yet, as we've only been weaning for 4 days. image xx
  • We had noodles the other night and Sasha was sucking them up like spaghetti, I was quite impressed, but she was able to quite easily grab a handful and manage to get enough of it in her mouth to suck some up.
  • Ahh bless her. We'll try Spaghettii etc. when James has mastered the chewing. Sounds fun. :\) xx
  • Spaghetti (actually linguine as they are a bit thicker and easier to pick up) or noodles are winners in this house!
    Also fresh, stuffed pasta like cappelleti as they are v soft and slippery.

    Fusilli comes apart which she doesn't seem to like. Penne are ok but she seem to slip out of her hands too easily.

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