moning everybody.

So far birmingham is seeming the best place for the meet based on your votes.

A few have mentioned having more than one meet-up, personally, i don't like that idea (just my oppinion) but here is why,

it defeats the whole object of one big meet. There are already local meets going on, if it is going to be too dofficult to organise fairly perhaps we should just leave it to local meets?

Having more than one would make each meet smaller scale, which isn't what i had in mind when organising it. I had been planning to approach prima baby, childrens charitys, also baby product companys to get involved both for funding, and to "give something back" ie to charity. I don't think we'd have half the chance of getting such people involved if theres more than one meet.

Having more than one would actually create more costs if they were all to be similar events. Just for example, i'd thought it'd be great to hire a bouncy castle for older children - having 2/3 meets means 2/3 bouncy castles...... not to mention any other "entertainment" we'd be putting on.

obviously this meet is for you girls, it isn't upto me, so i shall leave it with you to decide what you'd prefer.... is it to be birmingham or not?

(hope this hasn't sounded arsey!) love you all XX


  • I wasn't sure about Birmingham, it's about 2/3 hours away, but i spoke to hubby yesterday and really suprisingly he said 'you've got to go, we'll get a hotel if we have to' i was shocked.

    I agree about one big meet, having lots of little ones defeats the object - obviously not everyone is going to be able to go, but it's worth trying, then those that can't attend can also go to smaller local ones as well x
  • Birmingham is fine by me, Id love one big meet and if people cant get there Im sure others from the same ish area would do car shares image
  • Hi,
    Just replied on the one from yesterday but Birmingham sounds good to us. I agree that the whole point is for ALL of us to get together and have fun. Think it's worth the al the effort everyone's putting in x
  • jamdonut thats really sweet of your hubby!! bless him.

    i really do understand some will struggle to get there which is why i'm guna put every ounce of effort into making it fantastic and worth your while travelling!
  • I'm still a maybe but one meet at Birmingham sounds good to me whether I can attend or not. Good work Linzi xxxx
  • thats a yes from us too xxxx
    you are doing a great job linzi, you must be living breathing sleeping 'big meet' at the moment!!!
  • birnigham is great!! i cant wait to met everyone! i agree it should be one big meet! xxx
  • lisajo i'm loving it!! i think i've found my inner control freak! haha
  • dont know what you are thinking for event location but i know of a place in the centre called the white pearl suite, imassive function room, holds hundreds.

    this info is all a bit useless as they dont have a website. lol!!!
  • maybe you should start your own business as some sort of professional organiser - like weddings, conferences etc...?!!
  • lol thats a great idea for linzi ccbmommy.... if you do start a business add me to your directory.... i do wedding stationery, make-up and flowers. lol!!!
  • ccbmommy that would be sooooo cool i would love to! since planning my wedding i'd though i'd like to do something like events managing or what have you. I'm kinda looking forward to seeing if i pull this off - if i do then i'll seriously consider it!

    Lisajo thanks for the tip off i shall investigate it further!

    gemzy cheers for the offer, will deffo be dishing out some jobs for you guys to get involved at some point when we get down to finer details XX
  • Can I be added as a possible number depending on date and location ? I live in Ireland but am planning on holidaying in UK this year so could always tie it in ?
  • Can I be added as a possible number depending on date and location ? I live in Ireland but am planning on holidaying in UK this year so could always tie it in ?
  • mugwia of course you can image i don't expect anybody to fully commit until the date and locaion are set in stone. and even then i expect people may have to drop out at last minute due to circumstances at the time. it's all quite flexible!
  • Brum is great for me! xx
  • I think one big meet would be great, with Prima Baby and other sponsors involved and so on. If it went really well then we could always look at doing another one in a year or two, with a different location to help those that can't make this one. But I guess we should concentrate on this one for the moment!!
  • poz that's a good idea, if all goes well i'd be more than happy to arrange another one which will accomodate those who cant make it this time round!
  • Hi LinziMc,
    I think you should go with Birmingham. It is really hard to accommodate everyone but as Poz says there could always be another one next year in a different location.

    Birmingham is much easier for me by car rather than train as would have to go into London, across town and then out again by train! With that in mind we will probably need a location with good parking as well as access to train stations etc.

    All the best,
  • sammie i will probably be staying up there too as it will be a lot of travelling in one day!! thats if oh doesnt mind having the other 2!! He should be fine though as he will be getting in practice next month as me and george are away visiting my nan for 5 days and he is having the other 2!! x
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