Wedding Venue

Hey Ladies, thought i'd show you the place im getting married in September

Ladies pavillion in Central Park New york!!

am sooooooo excited!


  • Oh WOW!! That looks fantastic!
    I'm sooooo jealous. Oh been to New York but I haven't.
    The location looks like one they used in the Sex & The City movie where Carrie & MIranda are eating a sarnie, towards the end of the film. I may be mistaken but it does look the same. What date are you getting married (as my b'day on 10th Sept)?
  • 17th, it looks gorgeous doesnt it!! i cant wait.
    i havent seen satc, will have to watch it now!!!
  • That's gorgeous. I love New York it's a fab city! Soo jealous, I wonder if OH has enough airmiles........ image
  • That's lovely Listef - I've been a couple of times and have actually seen that pavillion - it's gorgeous!!
    What date is the wedding??
    ccbmommy - you have the same birthday as Poppy!!
  • Oh Donna im so glad you've said that, was a little worried they might be decieving pics.
    the wedding is 17th sep, we go from new york to la on the 18th and spend a week i ghjghhhyreds (excuse me cam wanted to say hello) spend a week in hollywood!
  • I know we took some pics - will have to check if that is on any of them! I'll let you know.
  • oh great ta! tallkatie, why is your wedding not happening? sorry hun, bet this post has pissed you off then!! :0(
  • I'm totally sure that's where they shot the sandwich scene in SATC movie - so jealous it looks absolutely beautiful, and in Sept all the leave will be turning orange, it will be fabulous! x
  • That looks absolutely gorgeous x
  • oh wow - looks lovely!


    Wish I could have my wedding all over again (with same hubbie :lolimage I will find a link to my pics andbore you all with them!
  • lisa, it looks absolutely stunning!! i'm terribly jealous!!

    i've been to LA & Hollywood a few times -amazing place! i think you will have the best few weeks of your life!!
  • Here we are:

    Hope it works!

    Sorry Hijacking the thread but you got me reminiscing (sp??)
  • WOW!! that looks amazing hun i bet you cant wait well jelous mind you ive always said id never get married lol still sure on it as well lol

    tellkatie sorry to hear your not getting m,arried now but when you do your have your beautiful little girl with you x
  • Wow that looks totally amazing! Congratulations. Have to agree with CraftiCharlie I would love to do our wedding day all over again and probably with the same bloke!!! (CC-Seaham Hall wow had my 30th Birthday there in the spa!)
    Hope you'll be posting photos afterwards! x
  • yeah def be posting our photos, i am so excited it really isnt long off now. have to slim but just cant do it! did 2 weeks lost half a stone and now iv given up!!!
    we only have a few guests coming, oh's parents, my bro and sil, my best friend and her fiance and of course our little man himself!!
    katie, i hope you can re-organise your big day soon.
    charlie your wedding looked lovely, we really didnt want a big do but our party/reception seems to be escalating!
  • Oh listef just go for it! I am dead shy (and so did oh) but our reception was great and I'm glad we had everyone there.
    Are you having your party back here? Oh and well done on the weight loss. God I have to do something appart from chopping off a body part I'm not sure. Maybe eat less?!!
    Looking forward to photos I love a good wedding. We've got 3 this year and all with Alf who still be under 1! xx
  • yeah we're having a party a week after we get back. hopefully the jet lag will have subsided by then! haha!
    i just cant motivate myself to diet, im 2 stone heavier than before i had cameron but just cant be arsed. i suppose stef will marry me either way...otherwise we have to cancel the holiday!! hehe!
  • Awww, it's gorgeous! How exciting! Good luck. xxx
  • Mum 2 1 I hope to have my 30th there in the spa too - April next year! Just need to save a bit to do it!!!!
  • Oh mate - that is absolutely beautiful!

    I tried earlier to open your post and see the link but for some reason it was taking bloody ages. I have been dying to see this all day!

    And I can tell you - it was worth the wait
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