Sleeping machine??!!!

This is a bit random but I remember a post about sleeping and a few people sayin they had bought some toy or machine that made a noise, maybe like a shush, and that their baby was sleeping better after this?! Did I imagine it???!!! My daughter loves a shush noise to get her to sleep and just thought it might save my voice! Thanks for reading this randon post!!


  • no you did not imagine it as I read it too I think it was on some ones mp3 player try u tube or something or alternatively what I do is stick the extractor fan on?? or tumble dryer is another good one, my ds2's bedroom is directly above the extractor fan its good as it drowns out bumps and noises from ds1!! lol
  • I've got white noise tapes, I got them from a catalogue but I just had a quick look on their web site but they don't seem to have them any more. But if you google it there are lots of places where you get some. I think that they helped but we used them from day 1 so she may just have been a good sleeper anyway.
  • Hi hun,

    I have this:

    It seemed to relax my dd when she was younger.

  • Lovely thanks all xx
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