Thats it, i give up !!

Hi Ladies

Tyler is a nightmare to try and nap during the day, i'm trying to follow EASY but when he has a long nap in the afternoon he doesn't sleep well at night. So i'm giving up with any sort of routine during the day apart from his feeds as this boy jut wont conform to any books and I just get upset trying to make him nap when he obviously doesn't want to, he's had 2 40 min naps today and is now in his jungle after me trying to get him for a long nap for the last 2 hours.

Anyone else's baby wont follow a book, or is it just mine thats a rebel !!!!

Sarah+Tyler(16 weeks)


  • I started trying to get DS into an EASY routine but he fell into his own routine really. He has 3 naps a day now, generally 45 minutes each but sometimes less, sometimes more ...

    K x

    ps - DS is 25 weeks tomorrow
  • Everytime I read a book by 'experts' and tried to fit my baby into their routine I ended up completely stressed and neither I nor baby was happy. Now at 6 months he has fallen into his own pattern and it's just as good as any expert's idea of an ideal routine...

    If you AND your baby are happy going with the flow then do so. I'm really not sure that a routine is better than no routine - in fact I don't understand how you can stick to a routine and still have a life outside your house!

  • I agree with both of Mr n Mrs Pumps posts - that works for us too. I always leave Sam to it and he goes to sleep much more quickly then when I fuss around him trying to soothe him. And yes, I see when he seems tired rather than watch the clock. Good luck x
  • hi

    its only his afternoon nap we have a problem with, he wakes at 6am, then naps at 8, and then 10.30-11 then it should be , then at 4 as two hours is his max. this afternoon he napped from 1 until 1.40 in the car then went back to sleep in the car for 10 mins at 3, and after hours of yelling and fighting has now fallen back to sleep at 5, but he goes to bed at 7 so am now going to have a nightmare tonight.

    i think we need to stay in tomorrow and work on his naps, i still think he's abit unwell although temp is normal he's grouchy and not fussed on his bottle

  • I never bothered attempting to get Oscar to nap by the book as I don't get tired at set times so why would my baby? I routined his food/milk for a while to ensure his blood sugar didn't get low but now at almost 17 months he eats when he's hungry. I think that following his lead is always the best way to go, especially with sleep
  • Ive never had a routine with my LOs naps either. I can kind of guess when he may be tired in the mornings and if so i put him in his cotbed and leave music on, 9 times out of 10 he'll fall asleep. After lunch his naps are anyones guess. I go out a lot in the afternoons, so he'll either have a nap in the car or will nap in his pushchair. I never look at the clock and think he must be due for a nap so put him in his cotbed.....i wait for him to show me signs of tiredness. These are generaly rubbing his eyes, very quiet if laying on his playmat or if he suddenly stops kicking and wriggling (he never lays still unless hes tired!!).

    I wouldnt worry too much if he's been awake for a while, he'l certainly let you know when he's tired. I know every baby is different, but i also find if he has too much sleep in the day he never settles properly at night x
  • Yes, we've been trying EASY for a month now but it's more like EASAEASEAEASES - honestly it's a nightmare and I cant even get him to nap more than 30/40 minutes and he is still up twice in the night.

    Still I have learnt what signs to watch out for and he does go down a bit better when I know that he's tired.

    Honestly I believe babies will do there own thing anyway, we just have to try to get them to have a manageable day/night!
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