TMI... I cant do it.....

I can't poo :cry: .....

I gave birth on Sat and had to get stitches, they feel alot better today but i still haven't poo'd :roll: TMI... But i feel i need to go tonight and when i sit on loo i just can bring myself to do it, im terrifed i am gona hurt myself.

Is this common?

Sharon x


  • very very common as i'm sure everybody will agree! i Had over 30stitches myself so know where youre coming frm.

    Advice that i got was to hold a pad of loo roll onto your perinium while you push... by holding the area it feels less like youre going to do any damage. also, it really is much easier than you'd believe right now, i braved it and then was amazed at how little it hurt!

    the last thing you wana do is get yourself constipated babe as it will make pooing even harder!

    you'll be fine i promise XX
  • It's horrible the first time.... my milk came in, baby blues and first poo on same day - a dark moment!!!

    Have you got some fresh orange juice? Or try something with high fibre content to make it a little easier. I was still in hospital and was given some lactulose to help things along, sorry if tmi but I didn't need to strain at all. I did get myself in abit of a state about the prospect though. Hold a clean pad or wad of tissues over the area, but you wont rip them open

    HTH xxx
  • I had this problem too and went 8 days before i finally pooed!!!! Can you talk to your midwife about it? Mine got me some lactulose and fibre gel to help me in the end as I was in so much pain! Hope you go soon! xxx
  • I had this, not nice - and I was on iron tablets which made things worse. Make sure you're eating lots of fibrous foods so that everything is a good consistency image

    As linzi says, it probably won't hurt as much as you expect - after giving birth, not much does! Good luck!

    Let us know! :lol:
  • the others are right, the thought of it is actually worse than doing it...
    hold a clean pad over your perinium whilst you do, and dont strain... if you still cant speak to mw and she will give you something to help cos you really dont want to become constipated. Honestly it's not that bad.
  • i dont remember my poo hurting, but by god the first few wees did!

  • I went 8 days after the birth and did it holding Lees hand while crying like a baby and i tell you what i dont know why i had made such a fuss!!

    LOL I made hubby come with me as well!! And then he gave me a big hug afterwards and said 'well done I love you' like giving birth all over again :lol:
    I found that if you time it right and go when you do need the loo, just sit there and let your body take over, you probably wont need to push

    What a conversation!! image
  • I was the same too. I had 33 stitches with Kelsie and I was terrifed to do it! I lost 5 pints of blood during labour and clots were literally falling out of me, and when I had to go for a number 2 I was so scared as I thought it was going to kill me!!

    Lactalose should help if you cant do it, but you're not alone, its a very common worry after giving birth.

  • Awww hun, not nice is it! Make sure you drink loads of water, and I mean a lot! This will help keep things going, and also trying to mobilise a bit. As others say, lactulose really helps, I only needed the one little dose. I had a section so didnt have the stitches to contend with, but it was still very painful when I needed to go and couldn't, the scar felt like it was going to burst! Hope you're ok. xxx
  • Hi babe,
    I had a C-section after a lot of pushing so I kinda know what you mean! I was on iron tablets too and my hv reccomended taking apple juice with my tablets as it helps absordb the iron (didin't know that!) and is a really good aid to getting things moving. I also had lactuose-just call your mv and they drop a perscription round (well mine did!)
    I agree with everyone else take your time and things will move (not sure I could have had oh in the room-can't do it with an audience!!) and just think when you've done it the rest will feel soooooooo much better!! Good luck xx
  • yes this is very common. my boy is now 10 months old and still hurts down below for sex and going to the toilet.
  • i was the same, i gave birth on the thursday and didnt go until tuesday morning. i had a tear but no stitches and i was terrified (more than i was about giving birth). i went to the loo at 5.30am while dh was still in bed so i could take my time in peace. i just sat there, tried to go but couldnt bring myself tp push, so i just sat there and it came naturally. it was no where near as bad as i thought, it didnt hurt at all. as katie said peeing hurt a hell of a lot more
  • I had 2nd degree tear so had stitches. I pood about 4 days or so after birth and tbh I wasn't constipated at all it was quite umm....soft!!
    So it did not hurt at all really. In fact I felt quite relieved. Try and drink as much water as possible and fibrous foods so you don't have to strain too much. I agree with the others - hold a clean maternity towel against your perineum whilst straining. It's quite unlikely that you will split your stitches. Good luck xxxxx
  • like every1 said its so common. with first i had alot of stitches and didnt poo for about a week. and with second it was the same. with tammi it was over a week cos of iron tabs.didnt have stitches with the last 2,just couldnt go lol

    kerry xxx
  • i was scared and tried to put it off too but i didnt have stiches or even tore yet i was still scared lol, so its totally normal xx
  • Much like everyone said try not to worry too much, it is surprising but with me it didnt hurt at all. In fact I have suffered with Piles ever since (about to post about them as we're on bum issues, lol) and I would take pooing after birth over pooingwith them anyday.

  • Lactulose, worked a treat for me. It was 9 days before I went and hubby had to hold my hand at previous attempts until Lactulose kicked in. Also salt water bath twice a day best thing I ever did for stitches, they tell you teat tree or lavender oil but neither worked as well or as quickly as salt water.

    Oh and if pee'ing is sore. take a jug of warm water wih you and pour at same time as pee'ing, it works honest.
    Good luck, it will be fine. S xx
  • Like everyone else says, it's very common hunni. I had an episiotomy and was scared about it too, ended up going about 8/9 days before I could go and but it wasn't half as bad as I expected it to be in the end! Relax and try not to force it, good luck hunni xxx

  • Hi

    When they realeased me from hospital they gave me lactulose and anitibiotics (had a lot of stitches). I was told to put the thick maternity pad against me and go to the loo that way. I was scared but it didn't hurt. Weeing hurt more!
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