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Hi Ladies, I'm after a bit of advice...
Does anybody use a buggy board? - if so what make do you recommend? My daughter is 3 now but the walk to playgroup is just that little bit too long for her! There's so many to choose from!

Lauren x

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  • my cus' had one and she hated it,said she kept kicking it so took it off,i was thinking of getting one but decided not to,iam sure they is loads of woman who will swear by them

  • Ha! I've heard that too! At the moment, I'm using my mamas + papas pramette because its got the toddler ride on step thing at the back but its sooo heavy! I want to start using my maclaren which is so unbelievably light to push but I'm worried about getting bruised shins...!
  • DS was just under 3 when DD arrived and we used a buggy board that we got from Mothercare (Lanson? La something anyway lol!) It was great, could move it closer to the buggy to give your feet extra room and it had a strap thing that folded it up against the buggy when it wasn't being used. I loved it but he was such a heavy little lump that the buggy became really hard to push! We used it for maybe 6 months but now he walks everywhere. Whilst I loved the buggy board and would def recommend it, if you're LO is already 3 I think I'd be tempted to hold off for a bit, carry on using the heavy pram and see how she's going by summer.
  • we have borrowed one of a friend and its fab ,we also have the m&p pramette and it does stick out a bit so u have to bend over a bit when pushing the pram but u can buy ones that are right by the pram ...even though its hard work to bend i love it as i can walk everywhere and ds thinks its fab ...highley reccomend one xxxxxx
  • Thanks for all you advice ladies!! I'm now searching ebay for one - think I'll see if I can find a good second hand one (because I think I'll only need it for a few weeks until she can walk that bit further!)+ then when I dont need it any longer I can hopefully sell it on again!
    Lauren xxx
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