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Hi everyone. I was wondering what are everyones sizes, weight and measurements now compared to before pregnancy and motherhood?image I'll tell mine!image I was 6 stone in weight (docs and nurses were worried about my weight) I went up to 8 stone when I was due to give birth and now 7 stone. I was a 32A:roll: and went to 32D and still am due to bf. I was a size 6, god knows what I went to, I didnt want to buy maternity clothes so I slumped around in anything baggy and I'm now a size 10! the biggest I've ever been!:lol:


  • i don't know my pregnancy weights but was a size 8/10 before ds1 (5yrs ago) was a size 12 after a few weeks and am still size 12 now, after ds2, 2 and a half yrs ago!
    Was a 32A before ds1 went upto 38A when milk came in and am now 36A :cry: though they are a fuller A cup than before iykwim
    oh dear, i've got some work to do haven't i?!! and a boob job :lol:

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  • ha! thats not so bad! It was a big change 4 me. I was so little now I think I'm average.
  • Well I'm 5"3 and was 8 stone 2lb before pregnancy so was very happy with my weight and since pregnancy am now about 8st 9lb so am still in my size 8's but a lil bit tight.
    My boobies used to be a 36dd but went up to a mega size when I was BF. I recently bought myself a 32 dd bra but I think I've been optimistic with the cup size as I don't seem to fill it very well :lol:

  • Before baby 1 I hovered between 10-11 stone. I was a 36D and a curvey size 14. During that pg and bf bra size went up 38F. After pg and bf I went back down to 11 stone but my shape changed making me a curvey 16. Bra size went down to 36DD. Now on pg number 2, in maternity wear and bra size is currently 38E. No idea how much I weigh now, I am 26+1 pg and 5" 3. I have never tried to lose the baby weight as I have never really worried about my weight. My whole family are on the larger side and I know that I eat a healthy diet, just possibly a bit too much of it. LoL. Oh has never commented on my weight....well except the bigger boobs.....but not suprisingly he likes them. LoL.

    Kerry, Freya and Pink Bump 26+1
    X X X
  • Lol ooooh this is a MEANIE! Lol

    I was a beautifully skeletal size 8-10, but with 34Bs. Rather nice i thought. Then water retention and baby causing me gyp to shoot right up to an 18 with 38-40 E-Fs, but now i'm back to a lazy 14-16 with 36DDs. Lovely job! Xxx
  • Dont weigh myself as I can become very obsessed and weigh myself several times every day. I refuse to have scales in my house, just to be safe.

    Pre pregnancy I was a size 20 - 22 dress size, Kept to this while pregnant and have remained the same since. At least Im maintaining my size and not gaining.

    DOnt mention damn boobs to me! Hated them before pregnancy when they were 38DD's. Dont wanna know them at all now they are around 42D's! If I had the money I think I would go for a radical breast reduction. Think a nice pair of 38C's would be nice. LOL.
  • Eeek! Ummm I swear baby number three is a doozy, because I was a size 6 - 7 stone 10lbs within about three months after each of my first two pregnancies, I'm only 5'1 so that was a good weight, but now after baby three I just keep gaining weight and I swear I am hungry all the time, much worse than during any of my pregnancies, I feel like a hormonal mess, and I'm up at 9 stone something, and a porky size 10! I feel terrible in my body, but I just don't know what to do regarding my weight as I feel really moody and hungry all the time. I actually went to gp to ask and he just told me my bmi was within an acceptable range and to go away.... but I swear something isn't right with me.

  • hmmm, I dont know? What are you eating?I know certain foods can affect your mood. Maybe your worried or anxious about something? 3 babies though! thats not a bad size at all. dont worry babes, brighter days are coming. Been snowing near me today! brrrrrrr
  • oh my god you girls are so tiny!!! i was 11 stone 2 size 14 pre preg went up to 13 10 lol and am now 11 stone 1!!!!!! size 16 how depressing. seriously need to diet and exersise but cant be arsed.
  • I'm 5'7 pre pg I was 9 stone size 8-10 with 34b or 32C boobs. During pg boobs went up to 34D and was about 10 stone 12 day I was induced at 40+10. I cou;dn't wait to get in to pg clothes but had to wait till 6 months as I had such a tiny bump! lol I'm now 8 stone 10 and size 8-10 although more of an 8. Still bf and size 34dd. x
  • aww no need! I might be on the littler side but now I've got my son and got married amd what have ya, I feel really happy with my body:\) my backside still looks like a road mapimage a rather big one aswell!:roll: but I LOVE the size of it in skinny jeans image. My hair sometimes needs help but whos doesnt!:lol: I'm sure if I have any more kids I'll just get bigger and bigger. But seriously I wouldn't care. X;\)
  • i think im 5'6 but i may be wrong, was 8 stone and a size 8 clothes when i got pregnant with tegan but then shot up to 12 stone by time i had her, i then went down to 9 1/2 stone and was a size 10 maybe a 12,a while after and im preg with no2 at the mo and currently weigh a bit over 11 stone. have got 32b boobies i think, not much there to be honest, they grew a bit when i breastfed tegan but then deflated and have remained that way, so basically just a couple of nipples on my big body at the mo lol xx

  • Im 5'10 and was size 12 and 34B and 11sto . Shot up to around 13.
    Now size 12 and 36DD as bf and 11.9 st. My fat has stayed on my stomach and not my hips. So unfortunately my clothes are a different fit.
    I was determind not to buy any size 14 clothes, so lived in only a couple of skirts/jeanss until the weight came off.
    Apart from needing to tone my stomach again, its nice to have a bit more of a clevage...not sure if it will hiow long they will stay for :\)
  • well pre preg i was a size 8-10, when preg i was a 10, boobs shot up from a 32C - 34E!!

    now i'm down to an 8 with 32DD boobies. lovely you'd think, but not when you have to fold your boobs up to get them into your bra.... *sigh*
  • Regards to my bobbies and surgery. I wouldn't want a bust reduction smaller then a D cup as by boobs help even out my hips lol, but I would have a bust up lift as they have become like spanials ears since bf and will proberly get worse if I can bf baby number 2. I would have a tummy tuck tho. I have a flabby roll, or as some call it a baby bag and the most hiddious stretch marks. As regards to weight loss, if it happens great...if it doesn't i'll have anouther bar of choc to make myself feel better lol.

    Kerry, Freya and Pink Bump
    X X X
  • lol kerry. I have chocolate if I need chocolate...stuff the weight loss plan!!
  • I agree you were all so small. Must be a tamworth thing westbrom as i was 11 3 when i got pregnant found i had to eat to concieve before this i was 10 6 took me 17 months to concieve now after went up exactly a stone in each pregnancy and lost it all when i gave birth and walked out of the hospital in my pre pregnancy clothes. Now im 11/3 and hoping to return to 10 6 before i go back to work. Have always remained a size 12-14.
  • I was 7 stone 4, 5foot 7 and a 32 b, put on far too much weight in pregnancy

    I am now 9 stone 6, a 34 b and probably going to start gaining quickly due to no 2 lol
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