What's wrong with him?

Can anyone help. My baby boy has projectiled 2 nights running. He eats well all day, has dinner at 6pm and last bottle at 8 for bed. Usually all is ok, but the last 2 nights he has 4 oz and starts to drop off, then brings up his milk and his dinner - i can't clean up anymore sick!!! lol!

He has conjunctivitus, but he's had that about a week, so it shouldn't affect him now should it? And not like that?



  • Is he having the antibiotic drops for his conjuctivitus? Antibiotics ALWAYS make me feel sick, even if it is just eyedrops, I can feel them trickle down the back of my eyes into my stomach BLERGGH Could that be whats making your lo sick?
  • Stupid question, but does he have a proper winding? I found that after a couple of months of bottle feeding, it would take harry longer to bring up the wind - and me not taking as much notice meant he was being very sick. Good winding did help.

    Also making sure he had his dinner in a good amount of time before bed. Some people have said that their kids slept better with a quick routine of dinner, bath, milk, bed; but harry was just sick with that too. So he eats at half four and bed at half 6 ish,

    Sorry i can't be much more help! xxx
  • he is on the eye drops, didn't no they were anti biotics - haven't read them!! How naff am i? But he has them 4 times a day so weird only at night.
    He has only been on bottles a month and a half, took ages to get him from breast & solids to bottles and solids, still eats much less now, but i suppose it could be wind - i'll try anything all i can't think of anything else - but now i'm at the end of my message, we've been on the drops 2 days!! Do you think they may only effect him at night? Hadn't got them in 2night b4 he was sick tho.....
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