Child benefit, anyone else not recieved it yet?

I didnt apply till David was 5 weeks, but still havent received it and hes 20 weeks on friday (my god where des time go??) but anyway... Ive rung them 4 times and they still say its processing... grrrrr so no child trust fund yet either, anyone else having this problem?


  • I applied when frankie was a week old and i started getting it 3 weeks later. They were much quicker than the tax credits.
  • When I applied (though it was this time last year) they were really quick. Just keep on at them!
  • my tax credits came through in 2 days... blimmin child benefit grrrr
  • ohhh why they taking so long then,. is it different counties dealing with themselves? they told me they have a huge back log

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  • The child trust fund voucher apparently comes after child benifit - mine came when Louise was about 5 1/2 months and they added ??10 to it to apologise for it taking so long!

    the child benifit came fairly quickly but tax credits took much longer - but was nice to get a lump sum because of back payments!
  • grrrr, oh just testing ticker

  • I applied when Jack was a week old and they added him to our exisiting claim with Kelsie and we had his payment when we were due hers. Child benefit will only backdate upto 3 months, so you really do need to be getting on to them. I can't believe how long they're taking. Keep phoning them honey until you get your money. Every week that goes by is another week you've lost money.

  • Mine was slow too. I applied in Oct when he was two/three weeks old. Didn't get back payment til he was 15wks old! CTF voucher won't come out til they sort child benefit.

    It is so unfair if we have to pay them money there's a deadline and interest payable - if they owe us??/
  • My child benefit claim for Nymeria took 8 months, they kept telling me it was "processing". So I think it can take a ridiculous mount of time, but hopefully it comes back to you soon, have you chased them up. Good luck

  • i got mine a week after applying for it, got ??370 image gave me a scare at the time as my wages were due to go in the bank and i panicked thinking they'd seriously messed up and underpaid me lol! x
  • Evie's 12 weeks and i sent it when she was for weeks and i still don't have it, hubbys going loopy as we could do with the money xxxx
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