Getting LO to sleep in his cot - any tips?


Baby Adam is nearly three weeks' old.

Ever since he was born, he has really hated being put to sleep in his cot. He will settle in there ok during the day (sometimes!) but night time is a whole different story and he will only sleep if he is lying on mine or my husband's chests (I know this is not recommended, but we do make sure he is safe).

I have made the cot as cosy as possible (using a Safababy sleeper, blankets for him to lay on, hot water bottle, item of clothing that smells like me etc) but nothing seems to help :\?

Has anyone else experienced this? If so, how did you get baby to go into his or her cot? I expect I just need to persevere, but am so tired that by bedtime I'm ready to do anything for some peace and quiet!


Cath and Adam (19 days)



  • Hi hun, have you tried swaddling him before putting him down. Could the cot be a bit too spacious for him? do you have a pram carrycot or moses basket you could try him in and see if he sleeps in there at night? it does seem like you have got every base covered so not really sure what else to suggest. hope you get some sleep soon, it really does get better xx
  • Def try swaddling. That was a lifesaver for us. We still have to swaddle Beth for daytime naps and she's 6 months next week!

    Our MW & HV recommended putting her on a pillow in the moses basket so she felt cosier, elevating the top of the cot, and lying her on her side. We tried everything as Beth totally refused to sleep anywhere other than our chests for weeks.

  • Thanks ladies.

    I have popped out today and bought a swaddling blanket, so will see how we get on with that...

    I tried the pillow in the cot for this afternoon's nap, but Adam rolled right off and ended up squashed next to the bars of the cot! Oops. Luckily I was in the room at the time so could go to his rescue! image

    We don't have a moses basket and for some reason our pram carry cot is not 'approved' for overnight sleeping. Not sure why though? He sleeps in there fine when we're out and about, so I might try him in there for a couple of hours tonight between feeds...

    Thanks again!

  • hi cath

    we had exactly the same problem, when tyler was younger swaddling didn't work for him so we spent every night until a week ago sleeping with him on us. its only last week when we started a rigid bedtime routine including swaddling he got better. he looks tiny in his cot bed all swaddled but this does seem to help. we found that he woke often when sleeping on us but now goes 7.30-3am when he wakes for a feed which for him is amazing.

  • Adam has slept soundly (between feeds!) in his pram carry cot for the last two nights, which has been great! I think the cot was just too big for him.

    We've also started bottle feeding for the night time feeds which helps loads as he no longer falls asleep on my chest after feeding.

    Thanks for the advice! image

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