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How can I get rid of her trapped wind?

I need some advice. Carla is 3 weeks old and when I breastfeed her, she is so eager to suck that she always gets very windy. It takes me forever to get rid of her winds. The only problem is at night time, I can't seem to burp her enough. After I bath her, I feed her and put her in the crib while she is still half awake so that she learns to fall asleep on her own. But about 15 mins later, she gets a wind, is sick and then wide awake. Then it takes forever to settle her again. How can I get that last burp out of her?


  • Hi,
    Have you tried lying her on her tummy over your lap and giving her back a rub? Gripe Water is also very good at getting burps up however its an absolute nightmare to get them to swallow it!! lol!
  • hi,
    I was just going to say gripe water is good! i used it with both my kids and it worked a treat. Its easier to get them to take it from a syringe than a spoon.
    Toni x
  • Try lying her flat on her back for a couple of minutes then putting her in your winding position. Also very gently massaging her tummy in a clockwise direction may help. Sara.x
  • My little man is 5 weeks old and just the same I find gripe water helps. It doesnt always bring his wind up but it seems to settle him at night.
  • It was a long time ago that my son was still a baby but he had very bad colic for the first 3 months. Infacol was a lifesaver for me.

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