Ditching the swaddle - how? (also in bid09)

I've had my LO (14 wks) in a swaddle blanket (miracle wrap) for the past three weeks or so and she sleeps brilliantly in it. It's really helped her to get to sleep and we've gone from spending up to an hour getting her to fall asleep to ten minutes from screaming after bath to fast asleep. The problem is that she is starting to lean on her side from being on her back and I'm really scared that she'll roll one night and not be able to roll back or get into a safe position because her arms are inside the blanket pinned to her sides. Also the wrap is only to be used up to 14 wks (although not sure of the manufacturers' main reason for this) and she fights it a bit more now when I'm wrapping her arms into it, so I think she is 'ready' to not be snuggled up in that way anymore. I have a couple of grobags to move her into and have tried them out with her on a few occasions, but she takes absolutely ages to get to sleep and keeps waking up. She still has quite a strong startle reflex and as she drops off her arms shoot up and she wakes herself up. She also tries to scratch her head and face when she's out of her swaddle - have turned over her babygrow sleeves but she still bashes herself in the head, which is what wakes her up.

Does anyone have any advice of how to get her sleeping well in the growbag? Do I just need to put her in a grobag and be prepared to have a few nights of disrupted sleep? She wakes up twice in the night anyway - I don't think I can cope with more often now.

Oh and I'm sure we'd have the same problems with sheets and blankets as it's her arms that are the problem.

Thanks for any help


  • Why don't you tightly wrap her in a blanket, then when she's nodded off, slightly unravel a bit of you can. That way, of she does roll onto her side, a few swift arm movements would unravel the swaddled and shed be safe? X
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