restaurant banned my baby!


I had to post this as I'm really shocked. We were planning a family night out in a couple of weeks by when our 12 week old will be 14 weeks. Its a just a little independent Italian restaurant, nothing special. My FIL today checked that there would be space for the baby and they said they do not allow baby due to complaints from other customers. My FIL did say hes a really good baby and hardly ever cries which is true but they still wouldn't let us bring him. This now means that we are unable to go on our family night out. I would of thought this would be illegal. Does anybody know if its legal or not? and have you had problems going out for dinner with a baby?

Thanks for any replies x


  • I would firstly cancel the booking for the restaurant, they do not deserve to make money from you.

    Secondly, I would contact your local paper to name and shame them. I did this a few years ago with a local Italian who could not help my daughter through the door in her wheelchair and they got some pretty bad press!

    Outrageous - not sure of the legalities but make sure the news is spread!xx
  • That's awful! No idea if its illegal though, sorry. We've been out for dinner loads with Gabe. On holiday we ate in the hotel restaurant every night for 2 weeks (we were in Malta) and whenever we've gone out in the UK, everyones been great about it & Gabe has been good...if he's whinged or got hungry while we're eating we've just given him a dummy or (naughty) propped his bottle up. Or given him some of our food, lol! x
  • That's terrible surely thats classed as discrimination. I agree with kaen cancel and go to the local paper, will make em sorry they ever banned ur baby!!
  • hi sry to g/c lol, its awful that they have no let up at all but unfortuantely they are within their legal rights to refuse entry to anyone and that includes children, restaurants and pubs have almost exactly the same lisencing laws with the excpetion of opening/closing times. i do agree that it is a sad thing that they won't let u take ur lo and somewhat narrow minded but i'm afraid they are allowed to do so.


  • id name n shame em, when i went out a few weeks ago people were fine with baby it was a table of drunken w%nkers next to us people objected to lol xx
  • I cant believe it, I agree name and shame them. Thats awful!
  • Unfortunately they can do as they please, the restaurant is private property so they can ban any one they like. I would definately contact the local papers and make a fuss though, I can't imagine that anyone would let their baby cry while they ate so what is their objection?
  • i no some places can refuse as you need a licence to have children in the premises,i find it totally shocking though,esp when they are so young,i find it shocking that people would complaine,dnt they no they were kids once,we are just as intitled to be there,maybe i dnt like to see their dewar faces lol
  • I thnik it is worth contacting your local paper or regional telly as think how many other families will go through this. I think, as usual, how sad in this day and age that there are palces that don't welcome families. I always think if you go somewhere with the family I'm more likely to tell my friends and go there again-you'd think the way things are at the minute that they'd be deperate for the business and money. It's their loss-hope you have a lovely family do somewhere else! x
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