has anyone elses lo been like this...

since Erin's birthday on Sunday she has been very, drowsy, she is happy to play and seems happy all round, but keeps putting her head on things all the time like she is really tired. She has a lot of sleep in the day. She keeps coming and asking for cuddles by putting her head on me and her arms up, which is most unlike her normally she is far too busy for cuddles!! She isn't off food or anything. We thought it was just her birthday - taking it out of her but its been 3 days since then. At the moment she has her head magnetised (not sure thats a word) to the floor and is just rolling around with her eyes shut, its very odd, she has just woken from a long nap. SHe just doen't seem right. I have checked her temp as she has had a cold for about a week but temp is fine. she is drinking fine.

This is probably me being a typical hypochondriac (sp) nurse, but i worrry about diabetes because she had so much sugar on her birthday and doesn't really have any usually so am worried her body is not breaking down the sugar easily or at all, they were worried that her blood sugars were unstable when she was born because she wouldn't stop shaking all the time but she stopped at a day and half old so they never checked her blood sugar. This probably means its fine but i always wished they just checked it to put my mind at rest. Sorry for long post, just really worried she is not herself at all.

Anyone else had a similar experience??


  • Thanks Lara i never read your post i don't get to read as many posts as i'd like to nowadays what with work and Erin and everything. I realise now worrying about diabetes is probably a bit dramatic!! but when i get something in my head thats it i'm believing it!! Its interesting you should say about food because me and Paul were saying that now Erin is walking a bit more she probably should be eating more, things is she isn't the worlds best eater she tends to satisfy herself and not eat till she's full she is such a busy little baby, bless her. She never tend to finish things, maybe i could up her snacks, give her slow release foods or something. Thanks alot for the advise hun, i'm sure you're right about the food thing, makes me feel a bit guilty thinking she's been hungry xx
  • I'll let you know, thanks again hun, She just woke up and really crying lots but has now settled on my lap :roll: its nice to have a cuddle though, a bit worried now offered her milk and some cereal but she just screamed so maybe she is finally going to cut her top teeth. I don't know when do they start to tell us whats wrong with words!!

    I'll keep you posted xx
  • Hi just to let you know my daughter was diagnosed with Diabetes at 14 months. She is now 18 months. Her blood sugars still aren't stable. If you are worried go and get it checked to settle your mind. Kara had a virus and that is what triggered hers. She has Type 1 and is on insulin for the rest of her life. She is great though and there is no bother with her. She was very sleepy beforehand but that was the virus as well. Looking back she had a good lot of the signs but we would never have thought of her having Diabetes. It was a ajor shock to us. She drink a lot, peed more, constipated (I had her at the docs regarding this for months).

    Keep us posted and hope you get on ok wtih her.
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