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The majority of people can do either London, or Birmingham. Hows about doing Milton Keynes? Thats slap bang inbetween London and Birmingham. So Birmingham have to travel a bit further, as do the London girls.

Just a thought. image



  • sounds good hun shall i suggest it in a post?
  • Well thats the fairest compromise then isn't it? I mean if you look at the map its about 1hr 20 from Birmingham and 1hr 15 from London. So it really is. It means everyone will have slightly further to travel. But I thought it was a fair compromise. Suggest it if you want hon.

  • Some people will probably say they can't go because they don't want to travel too far, which is fine, but a lot will miss out from London way if its held in Birm.

    Hopefully it'll all work out though.

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