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do you let lo see you naked?

Just a funny story which made me think of asking. Do you let your los see you naked, and at what age do you stop if ever?

Funny story please don't mention to dh, but reason it came up was well unrelated. My dh had just come out of the shower and had gone to get something to drink in the kitchen without anything on. My daughter walked between his legs reached up and grabbed two fist fulls of hair. Before pulling her legs up and having a "swing". Look on dh face PRICELESS!!! Anyhow after that it was decided that once they walk we must cover up for safety reasons lol.....


  • OMG - that has had me laughing SOOOOO loud!

    I think privacy is a thing that goes out the door when you become parents! My 7 year old thinks nothing of walking in the bathroom when I'm in there no matter how loudly I shout - if he wants to show me his new lego model hes made he will whether I am dressed or not!

    Why do I not lock the door - he would probably take the door off the hinges banging on it to show me whatever it is!
  • OMG-your poor oh!!!! Hadn't thought about it but there has to be point. I know a family and they still don't lock the bathroom door etc and they have children at home in their early 20's!! Couldn't do that I don't want to scare my lo!!
  • How funny, made me giggle.
  • ouch!!! was that your daighters way of saying daddy I dont want to see it.

    Good question...i dont know my lo is only 6mths. Thinking on the spot...maybe when they become aware of what each 'bits' are. hubby will probs say sooner. If he gets indressed where she can see him, hes like oi close your eyes lol!!

    Tommysmum! - so true reimagerivacy!! xxx
  • I don't think I would like Gabe to see me naked once hes aware of what the certain bits are lol! I always put a dressing gown on if he has me up at night, mainly cos if I cuddled him my massive boobs would prob suffocate the poor mite!! I think underwear is OK but naked is a nono past a certain age, but then each to their own - I hate being naked but some people arent self conscious at all and good for them really.
  • Hahahahahahahah! Love the story.

    Lauren still see's me naked from the waist up (she's 11) but I make a point of covering my "front bum". I dont worry about Nathan yet but imagine I will cover my boobies once it becomes awkward, whether thats 4/5/6/7/8/ get my point.
  • Our children, 2 years and 15 weeks, get in the bath with us and see us with no clothes on after a shower.

    Alfie, my 2 year old, has asked me on a couple of occasions "what's that mummy?" about my 'front bum' (I love that expression - makes me giggle every time!) and I've told him "it's where mummy does her wee wees from!"... :roll:

    ...however, the last time he asked, I'd just gotten out of the shower and he was standing right in front of me. He poked his finger at me, said "what's that mummy?" I replied with the usual answer at which point he tried to pull my legs apart saying "I wanna see it!". image

    The innocence... :lol:

  • hahahahaha thats hilarious image Made me laugh for a good whileimage

    I do walk around Sophie naked after coming out of the shower, your post made me think actually at what age should I stop. I think probably before 1yr old. She chats alot in baby language and i don't think it will be long before she speaks and share her thought with us. Don't want her to announce anything about mummys bits or daddy's willy during a family gathering. lol image
  • A funny subject for me as my oh just had a bath tonight with Poppy and she spotted his willy and tried to grab it! oh wasn't sure what to do so he covered it up with his hands and she was trying to pry his hands apart!! I was laughing my head off!!
    My mum was very open with us so I'm hoping I'll be confident to be the same with Poppy!
  • My friends daughter, who is 4 years old, goes in the shower with her mum and dad.

    She also went in the shower with her aunty (friends sister) and uncle (friends bil) whilst they were on holiday.

    When they returned home, after her dad got out of the shower one day she announced "Mummy, daddys twinkle is very small!". image

    She had to laugh because the only 'twinkle' she had to compare daddys to was uncles; she didn't know whether she'd be able to look him in the face again!!! :lol:
  • Actually laughed out loud!! xxx
  • Hahaha that made me LOL!
    Reminded me of a similar story... When my westie was a puppy, she was in bathroom with us... Hubby was naked and brushing his teeth and she jumped up and licked his 'privates'!! He was disgusted in her but i thought it was totally hilarious hehe

    Sharon xx (popping over from pregnancy forum!)

  • haha this post has had me in tears of laughter.
    i was actually thinking about this a few weeks back as Tegan was in the bath with me (just under 11 months at the time) and she started looking at my nipple funny, really concentrating on it and then went to go and poke me....i didnt know what to say or do, i really wasnt expecting anything like that just yet.

  • lol sitting peacefully at the p.c doing my nightly checks of BE encase i've missed anything during the day and OH is playing computer (such a social family) when I BURST out laughting and frighten him.. haha sooo funny!!

    we take Charlie in the bath with us (14 weeks) and I have never minded being naked in fact often march round the house with very little on (and heating wacked up.. so naughty!) but OH is more of a prude and likes to have clothes on..

    I havent really thought about it.. I think when they are still little it's okay, but think it depends on the child and family really.. don't think past 4/5 really tho!

    I'll have to see how we feel as he starts to notice?

    Another funny story regarding this - my cousin came bounding down the stairs at full speed after peeping at the daddy having a wee to inform her mum & EVERYONE else in the living room that 'Daddy has a tail!' :lol:
  • These stories are so funny :lol::lol:

    Lily is only 1 so we have no problems with her seeing us naked. To be honest I don't see it as becoming a problem anyhow and if Lily wants to come and chat to me when she's say 11 and I'm in the shower I'm not going to shut her out. OH will no doubt be more reserved as Lily gets older, but I don't see it as a problem if she catches me naked. I was brought up in a very open house and it's not done me no harm!
  • oh the inocence of children!

    Ive just started covering up in front of Isaac - I was having a wee and he came in and tried to wipe my noony! J said to me once "where is ur willy mummy"? and I just told him that girls dont have willys and boys do. I get in the bath with Tyler (4 months) James dosnt cover up in front of them - whats the point?
  • Ahhh this is great!

    At some point I may cover up when Charlotte's older but as she's a girl I don't think it would cause too much embaressment. I don't want her to become shy about her body & mine & a prude (after all we will have the same bits) - but on the other hand wouldn't want her to become a naturist! lol!

    When Charlotte has been in the bath with oh she's made a beeline for his tackle. She obviously thinks it's a toy as it's waving around in the water! She's also kicked him in the 'nads a lot as she's splashing around! My sister told me a story about her lo grabbing her oh's nads in the bath not long after his snip - OUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She said the air was sooooo blue - and she nearly pissed herself laughing!

    When I was younger my mum told me that I would have a bath with her and I was always squeezing & prodding her boobs with a quizical look on my face!
  • My 3 boys and I have A tradition of taking a family shower together every Friday night, my y boys are ages 10, 9 and 7. I don't think anything of it :)  
  • When im just lounging around I normally dont have much if anything on. and my youngest will normally walk up to me in just a diaper .
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