Night Terrors....

God - what an LO - 6.5 months had a massive night terror last night. Lasted for about 1.5 hours. She was asleep but crying, thrashing around - nothing we did would help her......She eventually 'woke up' and then tok a while to settle as she was so upset. She then had a bit of an unsettled night. Anyone else experienced anything like this ?? She had a small one a month or so ago but nothing like this it was so distressing to watch knowing we couldn't do anything for her. I thought they only occured in older babies / toddlers ? Do you think it is anything to worry about ? S XX


  • The only experience i have of this, is that my sister used to experience them v severly. She was older, but it was very distressing for our parents and for her. I would mention it to GP/HV and just see what the current advice is. I wouldnt worry per se, but I wouldnt want to live with it either.

    Em x
  • Oh that must have been awful for you, a whole hour an a half! Sorry I can't offer any advice apart from to talk to HV/GP but bumping it up, in the hope that others have experienced similar situations and can offer some advice xx
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