So angry - family parking spaces rant!

Ok, so I was at tesco earlier, and driving round to find a mother and baby space, when someone pulled out of one just in front of me, so I put my indicator on to go into it, and some jumped up tosser went around me (in fact he cut me up, as I was waiting for the other woman to get out, he nearly took he rear lights out as he made his manoevre) and took the space.

I was fuming - he got out of the car and i wound my window down and asked where his kids were. So he starts shouting at me as if I'm at fault saying that he's got every right to park there as his kids are in the car. The thing is, he got out of the car on his own and was walking to the store on his own. I don't dispute that there were kids in his car, but he had no intention of them getting out of the car - they were in the car waiting for him to return.

Is it just me, or is this a misuse of the spaces. Surely they are there for the people who want to get their kids in and out of the car safely, not for idle tossers to pull into to nip in and buy fags while his wife and kids sit in the car and wait for him?

Sooo angry I was shaking!


  • Yep, misuse! Annoys the hell outta me when they do that. I always park in a standard bay if I'm sending R out to get something. We've only got 6 at my local shop and they're taken up half the time by gits in giant cars or a land rover with a trailer that take up 2 bays. The rest of the time they're taken up by idiots who can't park in a regular sized bay. They've got a car park attendant too but he does jack all about it.

    I could rant all day about it :lol:
  • Ive stopped shopping at tesco since having lo as they only have 6 parking bays and 1 trolley to clip the car seat on. After many complaints they got another 2 trolleys but it was too late as after 9 years of shopping there i now go to sainsburys where I always get a parent bay and a trolley !!!
  • if they were old enough to be left in the car then they're old enough not to need the space.

    i was actually going to write a post about this and it doesnt matter where i go, morrisons, asda or tescos its always difficult to get a space on a mum n toddler. The regular spaces are too narrow to get the car seat etc out without a struggle and then you have to dash across the car park in the rain with a little baby. It makes me sooooo mad when i see people coming back to their cars with 10yr olds or no kids at all. Its just abusing the system. I leave notes on cars when i see people like this. I was thinking of writing to the supermarkets and asking if they can issue fines for these abusers!!
  • We had a rant at someone today over abuse of child spaces in Tesco of all places! Have to make the most of loud swearing at ignorant strangers before my son learns them too!

    We;d love to support sainsburys as they are enforcing their parking spaces but not one for 25miles!
  • I spoke to someone in the store about it to complain - i was sooooo angry. Basically I was told that they would do nothing about it, they have a company that come round to do spot checks a few times a week, but otherwise there is nothing they can do.

    I have calmed down a bit now though. Thanks girls - it's good to have a rant sometimes xxx
  • One of the problems is - I spotted at asda that the signs say they're for children/babies in car seats, but new laws state that children should be in a car seat until they're either 12 or 135cm tall.

    I don't know about other supermarkets though. Morrisons specifically say parent and toddler which implies up to 5 for me.

    But the laws are quite fuzzy imo
  • I've used Sainsburys for years and am really glad to see the "??50 fine" signs up. However they do allow people to park with children up to 12 years. I would say up to 5 or 6 is maximum. My OH disagrees - he says that even children up to 12 need extra room as they have a tendency to throw doors open against other cars. What do people think about the age limit?

    I also think the spaces should be labelled as can be used up by heavily pregnant women. I once got back to my car when 38 weeks to find someone had parked so close there was no way I could get in. I had to trust a complete stranger to get it out for me. I used the P&C spaces after that.

    Anyway I have just printed off 20 copies of the SOS sign from the home page so I can be a vigilante mum. Make sure you get some as well.

    H xx
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