Sleeping at night??? (also in born in jan)

Hi all

Jack is almost 8 wks old and weighs 10lb 4oz.

My question is when did your little ones start sleeping for longer periods at night. Jack currently sleeps for about 5 hours from about 8pm until about 1am and then has a feed and wakes up generally every 2 hours until about 6am when he is wide awake.

Throughout the day he takes about 4oz at each feed which he has as and when he demands it but from 1am he only takes about 3oz even when i change his nappy half way through to wake him up a bit.

Should he be sleeping much longer during the night by now? and is there anything i should be doing???

Sorry to ask so many questions but waking up every hour or so is getting to me and need to know that there is light at the end of the tunnel

thank you for reading


  • Hi there
    I am very lucky and my daughter has been sleeping for around 10-11 hours a night from about 7 weeks and she's now about 12 and a half weeks. However, I think generally babies sleep for longer at night at about 4 months. I am no expert whatsoever but I think the general idea is that as baby gets bigger and their stomach increases in size they can take more food during the day which will keep them going through the night.
    I found that when my LO cried in the day I thought she was hungry when she wasn't so when I fed up she'd only have about 2 oz or bit more or bit less so I came to realise that she wasn't hungry and settled her in other ways (mainly she needed to sleep). The things I can suggest (which you may already be doing but these are what I've done but I think I'm lucky rather than anything else) but I've always made it clear when bedtime is (routine and told her!) and when she was feeding in the night I kept everything very quiet and low lighting and just fed up and put her straight back down again. Then in the daytime I worked on getting more of a routine with feeds and tried to feed her more like every 3 hours min rather than every couple of hours which I was doing before. Gradually she dropped her 2 night feeds and the day feeds are roughly 4 hours apart and I also roughly do the EASY routine.
    Good luck.
  • 5 hrs sounds really good to me, my 20 wk old baby sleeps max 4 hrs straight most of the time, most she has done ever is 6. Enjoy!

    Em x
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