Big Babies!

I just got back from getting Gabriel weighed, omg he is huge, 10lb 12oz. He isnt even 1 month yet. He was 9lb 1oz at birth and just can't believe it! The HV said hes having a growth spurt and filling out cos hes so long. Has anyone else got a big baby? And should I be concerned about how he is feeding (5oz every 3 hours except during the night when he has been known to go 8 hours).


  • Yup big baby here!! My boy is nearly 7 1/2 months and at 7months was an oz off 23lb!! Im hoping he will start to crawl soon so his weight starts to slow down a bit!!
  • my lo was 9lb 10.6 oz at birth!! brooke went to 11lb 6oz in a month, then was 15lb 13oz at 12 weeks, 25 weeks she was 21lb 11oz... her last weigh in was on the 23rd march and she was 25lb 12.. she gets weighed again on the 12th june so will see if she has started to loose weight as she is crawling now... so please dont worry baby is putting on weight! as u can see brooke has always bin big and loves her food she was on 8oz bottles at about 12 weeks or so... and she is the happiest most content baby ive met!! xxx
  • We love big squidgy cuddly babies on here lol, my lo is 6mnths and 22lb 2oz. was 8lb 4.5 on birth and by one month was 10lb 6! Dont worry about charts and stuff, most are getting out dated and irrelivant these days!
  • I too sympathise and think my little man is the chunkiest out of those mentioned so far...

    He was only 6lb13oz at birth then went to 7lb 11oz, 9lb 9oz, 13lb 1oz, 15lb 3oz, 18lb 14oz and last weighed in at 20lb exactly at 20 weeks

    (that was two weeks ago and I've been weaning him since so god knows what he's gonna weigh when we go next week!!!)

    I really hope he slows down as he is really loving his jumperoo (which is supposed to last til 15months I think) however it says max weight is 25lb so he may not have long left to go in it which will be a shame image

    He's also grown 18cm since he was born - people mistake him for a much older baby!

    Mandy x
  • Mandy123, i have that problem with harry, he loves his walker but that says 25lbmax too, Harry was 20lb at 20wks, that was 7 weeks ago though and since then his weight gain has slowed right down and he's only 22.2 at 27weeks, seemed to slow right down once he hit the 20lb can happen! (and no im not starving him lol!) x
  • Good to know I'm not the only one! Ivana I know what u mean about the formula!

    Ah well, I would much rather have a big baby than the huge bump I had 4 weeks ago lol
  • Big babies are the best!

    Evie was 8lbs 12.5 at birth and at 3 weeks she was 10lbs 6...was dead chuffed! She doesn't look chubby though, she has dainty little features but I think she must be really long!

  • Gosh, i though my daughter was quite big for her age. she is nearly 6 1/2 months and weighs 18.11. when people ask how old she is they always say she is big. she is tall though so thats probs why. she was 58cm at birth and weighed 8.11....have not had her measured for ages
    They look so cute with there little chubby folds dont they :lol:

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  • Its weird cos Gabriel doesnt have an ounce of fat on him, not even the normal baby double chin lol! (Unless he tucks his head down :lol: ) He is just so.....big!
  • Oh thank god I read this. Until now I hadn't spoken to anyone else whose baby was as big as Dylan. He's 11 months old and weighs about 25lb. Mind you, he's crawling at high speed now and walking round the furniture so his weight gain has slowed right down. I looked at some photos of him taken a couple of months ago and I couldn't believe how chubby he used to look! Once they start moving about, they really do slim down. I'm glad he was so chunky though because he had a nasty ear and throat infection a couple of months back and didn't eat properly for about 3 weeks, but he had enough flesh on him to cope easily with it. x
  • crikey, you lot, these are bumpers, aren't they!!

    people keep telling me Issy is big - at 8+ months old weighed 18 -8, so quite small by comparison!!

    as said, chunky legs and little folds are really quite bonny - as long as her chunky legs dont stay that way when she is 21!
  • hi tiger Lilly, as u know jack was born 6 wks early weight 5lbs he is now 14wks old and weights a huge 14lb 10oz he does not stop eating hv have told me he is putting on to much weight but i dnt see how i can help this im not about to stop feeding him. he has had really bad colic none stop but i think we are coming to the end of this hard time im really starting to enjoy being a mum. he is also nearly rolling over so its not affecting him physical , and like alot of people have pointed out he will lose it once he is on the go. hope u and lo r well.
    tori & jack x
  • My eyes are watering thinking what you all went thru at labour!!
    Mine was bad enough & my lo only 5lb 14oz at birth, now at 20 weeks she's 13lb so I'm complete opposite to all of you (so hope you don't mind me gatecrashing big baby forum)!!
  • Seems I have the chunkiest monkey on here.... 20lb 6oz at 19+ 4 weeks!! He is mixed race though and they say african babies are heavier than white babies, so am not worried, he has the height to go with it so carries it well, he's so strong though and with his weight will soon be able to launch himself out of my arms I am sure, I have a job to hold on to him as it is!!! LOL
  • Abby is a big cuddly girl and i love her chunky legs they are so cute but a nightmare to get trousers for and she looks like a sumo wrestler in leggings lol she was 10lb 51/2oz at birth and i was lookin in her book and at last weigh in at 32wks she was 22lb and 7oz!! think she must be about 24lb now.. she rolls over occationally and not making any moves to crawl as she has a personal slave in the shape of her 11 yr old brother so don't know if she will ever lose her chubby legs lol
    fea x
  • hi bex
    i heard about this baby - i'm ever hopeful for his mum's sake that she had a c/s!
  • will be watching that...
  • Tori G - One of my health visitors tld me that Dylan was feeding too much as he was so chunky and I was b/feeding on demand. She actually told me to drop some of his feeds! Then one of her colleagues poo-poohed her and said it is completley impossible to over feed a baby before it is weaned because it will just posset or puke up any excess, so don't worry, just keep doing what you're doing! x
  • nope no c sec all natural so i read in tv mag!!! xxx
  • im the same as ccbmommy harri was 6.5lbs and at 20 weeks weighed 14lbs exactly hes 24 weeks todat so dunno how much he weighs
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