5am Club anyone?!


So like it says I've been awake since 4:30 am-anyone else? I haven't been on here in probably months but was drawn to it this morning! Anyone else in the 5 am club?!!

Hope everyone and their lo's are ok.


  • We are in the 5am club almost every morning. Can really notice that the Autumns setting it coz its getting darker till later.
  • lol well today I didn't but everyday this week I could have joined you hun! x
  • My 9 month old used to sleep through, for the past month she's been difficult to settle at night and will wake about 2 or 3 times from midnight onwards. Been trying to let her settle herself until she gets to the high pitch cry that could wake her nearly 3 yr old sister. This morning I've been in the 5am club too!! I'm going back to work tomorrow too so dreading the lack of sleep, have told hubby he's 'on duty' tonight with her and he's not impressed! xx
  • I think you were spookily drawn to it this morning for the informative and hilarious rash of new posts last night that you had to catch up on, so it;s a good job you got up early to catch up before it started all over again! hehe

    I have to say i wouldn't be very socialable at that hour! so thank god my son is a lazy so and so!
  • Hello,

    Well he went back down for a snooze at 9am so I've had a hour or so but feel like I've had a few-all woozy!!

    Donk we do the same with our 1 year old but I know what you mean you have to guess if they'll settle or it'll turn into a shriek! Think his teeth are giving him bother as he normally goes 7pm-6am give or take. You just forget what it's like to up sooo early.

    JunieMummy I know what you mean I was freezing this morning. Autumn's almost here!

    2Aries I would so let Alfie do the same but he was not in the mood this morning!

    it_must_be_love hows you? Have you had your little one now? You can tell I haven't been on in months I've all the new arrivals and wedding news!

    As for all the 'hilarious rash of new posts' I read
    one and stopped. Partly why I don't come on very often any more.

    Fingers crossed we're all tucked up in bed at 5am tomorrow morning!
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