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Hello I have a couple of weaning questions, if someone foesnt mind answering them them for me I would b very grateful.

1) my lo is 7mths today, I have been weaning for 5 weeks and she is doing well. I know they say after 7mths you can give your lo meat. How many wks/mths were u weaning your lo before you gave them meat?

2)My lo lo eats her veg and fruit well and I sometimes bulk it up with baby rice if it looks too runny. Should I be putting baby rice in every meal? Do you use it fior bulking/for filling your lo up?

Many thanks for reading . xxx


  • If your lo is eating well and maybe on 3 meals a day I would start to introduce meat. Chicken is a good one, purreed with sweet potato & apple.

    I can't see anything wrong with putting a bit of baby rice in your lo's veg & fruit although I wouldn't personally put it in every meal. Maybe with the fruit you could add a natural yogurt (wholemilk) to thicken it up.
  • Thanks for replying ccbmommy.

    Sry I didnt make myself clear. I should say, I rarely put baby rice in her meals...but I was wondering if I should more often. I didnt really think about natural yogurt.

    Yes she is on 3 meals a day. ok, will try her on some meat this w/e I think.

    sry another qu! I dont have the annabel karmel cubes, and I know she says something like give 2 cubes. Would that be the equivalent to one of the small brought jars of baby food? I tend to make my food and put some in a jar in the fridge to use straight away. I used to give her a certain amount, then tues she was going 3hrs for milk. so I increased it to more and just kept feeding her util she was full. Is this right?

    Also for breakfast, I have either given her the jars or fruit. I did buy a box of baby breakfast cereal, and add some baby milk. I haven't started it yet. Im too lazy to express just for her breakfast, so can I just add cows milk or is this not advisable? Or can I just give her mini weetabix with a bit of cows milk? Prefer to not open the boc and go straight onto weetabix, but not sure if I should wait a bit longer?

    apologies for the qus, Im a bit clueless and find it easy asking on here than my hv or my mu who just gave us jars as it was easier! xxx
  • they can have cows milk in food from 6 months, but not sure if that includes brekkie..... I think we did ollies brekkie with it though.....

    Sounds a bout what we did with ol - gave him some of the puree until he seemed to have had enough of it, or if he hadnt offered him a small yoghurt afterwards or something similar....

    Ollie used to really really like chicken, sweet potato and parsnip image

    think they say to try on one type of veg alone at first before mixing them, but if your lo is on 3 meals a day you've prob gone past that point....

    I'd still try to keep fruit purees and meat/veg purees seperate rather than mix them together for a meal, but thats just me image

  • I have the AK cubes and I would think 2 are similar in size to small jar baby food. You could buy some ice cube trays (some have lids on). Put them in a bag in the freezer then when frozen pop the food out the tray into the bag. 4 cubes of this would be about same size as 2 AK cubes. Saves you making it fresh all the time. Feed her as much as she needs.
    You can use whole milk on her cereal but formula will have more vitamins/minerals in it. it's up to you really. Weetabix will be fine. I give my lo that (she's 10 and half months) or she has the Cow & Gate cereal. I add formula milk to her cereal. That's mainly cos she wont drink a lot of it during the day.

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  • I've been adding whole milk to cereal since 6 months & been giving chicken since about 5 1/2 months I think as it is a low allergy food.

    My lo has the baby cereals and really enjoys them.

    I sometimes use baby rice in purees if they are too runny. I tried to make pear puree a while back and it was soooo thin so I bulked it up with banana and baby rice. Lo really liked it! x
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