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viral rash

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Has anyones lo had a viral rash? If so how long did it last?

Cole has had one now for a week, but he doesn't have a temperature - took him to the docs last week and they said to give him calpol which I have been doing, but the rash doesn't seem to be going. I don't have any idea how long these things can last so I'm not sure whether to be worried or not. Figured I'd probably get more useful info from you guys than the doctor!

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  • Hi Kia - no help I'm afraid - Bryn still has a rash after 10 days and while the nurse said it was eczema on friday, hes now got a temp again and the rash has spread all over his face and back. I'm taking him to the emergency doc this afternoon so I'll let you know what they say. Hope Cole is ok x
  • Oh no poor Bryn! Cole's rash isn't eczema -its raised little spots but if I don't keep a vest on him he scratches..but that could be the eczema itching him. If he had a temp I'd have him back at the doctors straight away..

    Do you get the feeling that they just say 'viral' when they mean 'well we dont' really know?'

    Hope you get a sensible answer for Bryn
  • hi Kia - Bryn's rash is made up lots of little tiny red spots.... this doc reckons the rash is an allergic reaction to diprobase which they gave me for his eczema... the temp is probably just cos he got hot!! He's given me hydrocortisone cream and piriton - if it doesn't clear up in 7 days then I should go back to my gp!

    With you on the viral front - the amount of times I've been told that I or the kids have got a virus - infact I was told I had a virus when before I found out I was pregnant with Tristan... some virus!!

    Hope Cole's rash clears up soon... sorry I couldn't be of any help x
  • Yeah thats a great virus.. pregnancy! lol!

    Thats interesting because Cole's rash is tiny red spots too.. I had wondered if it was a food reaction but the doc said no. I'd thought it was exzema at first so I'd put hydrocortisone cream on his tummy and he cried so I felt bad because I thought I'd hurt him. Think I'll take him back to the docs

    Hope Bryn's rash clears up soon!
  • when my l/o's have had a virus it's only last 1-3days. i have either mistaken it for measles or chicken pox rash but it disappeared too quick for that, sometimes they have been ill with it other times not.
    i agree 'virus' is the explanation for anything they aren't sure about!

    if he doesn't seem ill at all i wouldn't worry hun and don't see why he needs calpol tbh. maybe if it's been a week or two take him back to gp to see what they say.

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  • slap check is the only viral rash i know of that goes over a few days and that can take weeks. my boy gets a rash with every cold etc. i dont suppost it could be down to sun block my lo gets a rash from that.


  • I think the Calpol was because he'd been a bit grumpy. He has felt warm to the touch a lot although without a temp so the calpol has seemed to have helped a bit.

    Its definately not from the sunblock as the rash started last monday before it got really sunny - I actually thought it might have been a reaction to food but the doc said it wasn't that sort of rash.

    Think I'll take him to the docs anyway tomorrow as a week seems a while for a virus.
  • My one year old daughter had a viral rash. She developed a fever for around 2-3 days, after that we noticed a small rash on her belly, and soon it had spreaded all over her belly, chest, back, legs, neck, face and arms. We took her to our GP who said she had a viral rash- a rash that develops after an infection, he said there was nothing we could do but to wait for the rash to clear up. After about 2 days the rash cleared up quite a lot, we were so relieved. During the time our daughter had the rash, although she didn't seem too bothered by it, she didn't eat much nor played much and wanted to be held all the time. Now she is pretty much back to her normal self, and today is the 5th day since we first discovered the rash. Please don't worry if your lo has the same rash, it will go away quite quickly, although it doesn't look very attractive as long as your lo is happy and doesn't seem itchy then it's ok. Put some cream on if the skin is dry, otherwise just leave it and it'll get better. :\)
  • Aww hope Cole & Brin are ok and spot free now. Rhys always get's rashes everytime unwell but they usually clear up in a few days or so. Hope they both better soon hugs to the boys x
  • ollie has had hundreds of viral rashes! :lol:

    it could be pityriasis rosea:

    Ollie had this and it didnt affect him in any way other than there being a rash there - it lasted about 5 weeks i think.

    Everything is a virus these days! :lol:

  • Oh that was an old post!! From memory the rash went away after almost exactly 6 weeks!

    Poor boy now has an ear infectiona nd inflamed throat! It never ends does it?!
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