Sterlising dummies???

Do we have to? If so why? and How long for? Is a VERY hot soapy wash good enough?? :\?


  • I sterilised the boys dummies until they were 6 months, but only religiously for about 2 months as I got fed up and couldnt see the point when I was washing them in HOT water and they were laying on the cot, pushchair etc and I was still giving it back to them!

    I did still sterilise every so often but not religiously.

    Not sure if im wrong though! lol

    How are you getting on?
  • I sterilise once a day (don't see why it should be more often when I don't sterilise Sophie's hands or my boobs!). My dummies came with a case that you can pop in the microwave. I fill it half full with water and do it for 2 mins. If there's no microwave I just boil them in a saucepan for 5 minutes.
  • Oh gosh! I hardly ever sterilise Abby's dummies (she's 16 months) she's lucky if they get a quick rinse under the tap!!!

    I was more cautious when she was tiny - up to about 4 months I was very careful, but then I just got more and more lax. BAD MUMMY! image

  • I did sterilise until about 6 months but i stopped when he started sucking my shoes and the floor!! x
  • I do sterilise them but apparently this does damage the latex/rubber if done too often so the dummy might not last as long before it goes "cloudy" and may then split - don't know if there is much truth in this though as lo is only 13 weeks and dummies seem to be ok so far x
  • A good wash would be fine IMO, I occasionally sterilise but this is more out of habit than anything else xx
  • I used to quite often, but hardly do anymore especially as lo is into putting everything in her mouth now! She was having a good old suck on her teddy this morning!!!! xx
  • I did for a few months. But like someone else said I stopped he seemed to be sucking the carpet during tummy time ! x
  • dd only has a dummy for bed occasionally or if we are going to be out all day, so her routine is affected. i always steralise dummies before use, and have a carry pot for thm if we are out. she is nearly 5 months.
  • I hardly ever do unless they've been on the floor or something, other than that they just get a good wash.
  • I did sterilise them for about 2 months but even then I wasn't religious with them. Gabe's 2 now and I havent sterilised anything since he was 10 months. This is terrible but I don't even wash them anymore. Unless they get food on them etc - We don't have pets and my house is clean.
  • I sterilise ours about once a day, or if they've fallen on the floor - dd is only 7 weeks though, not sure how long I'll keep it up - once they get mobile I know it's a bit pointless, but your lo is younger than mine isn't he MaxiMum?
  • Yep he's 3and a bit weeks. But I don't sterilize his big bro or my little finger (which is not even washed right before I give it to him) or my boobs. We only wash and sterilize once a day anyway but running the sterilizer for a few dummies seems crazy!
  • You're right, I don't sterilise her big brother or my boobs either! We only have a tiny microwave steriliser though so not too much hassle just to do the dummies on their own at the moment.
  • I do mine once a day. I read in the boots mag that your supposed to steralise spoons, plates etc until lo is 12 months i don't do this?? it's not as though i put raw meat on his plate and wash and rinse in hot soapy water. Does anyone do this? xx
  • my hv said sterilise bottles until 12 months but no need to sterilise bowls or spoons, just wash in hot soapy water or thru dishwasher. We never did weaning stuff and did bottles until 10 - 10 1/2 months....seemed pointless after that but then my lo wasnt having many bottles then
  • i just poor some boiling water over them when i make a coffee x
    leanne and Phoebe 10+2
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