what if i dont go back?

need some advice girls.

i work 12 hours a week. i am due to go back to work April 6th but am struggling to find childcare. if i put grace in nursery then it would hardly be worth me working.
i dont think work have the hours to put me up to 16 hours which would entitle me to childcare vouchers.

i dont know what to do?????????

if i make myself unemployed then what happens to my national insurance stamp? what am i entitled to?

feel like i cant cope with all this at the minute :cry:



  • Firstly - everything will be fine. You sound like you're panicing and you shouldn't be image

    Have you looked for other jobs or is it not the job that can be changed?

    Are you claiming for everything you're entitled to so far? Child tax credits? Income support if you need it?

    Are there family or friends you trust to look after LO?

    Have you got OH? or Child maintenence etc?

    Have a look on www.entitledto.com to see what that comes up with. Also look on www.jobcentreplus.gov.uk and find the links for "unable to work" and "bringing up children". That should tell you a lot of things.

    If you're a single mum you can get help with a lot of things - housing benifit, council tax benifit, income support, milk and veg grants, etc.

    Good luck. xxx

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