Only eating little and often

Matilda is 7 weeks and FF. She has been on 3oz (I always offer her 4 but she very rarely takes it) for about 4 weeks now. The problem is (at least I think it's a problem) that the time between her feeds is getting shorter and shorter but she simply will not take any more (she is very indignant and clamps her mouth shut). As well as the time between feeds getting shorter she seems very unsettled and, I think, unsatisfied. This is increasingly becoming a problem at night as well. She was starting to sleep for about 6 hours but we are back to waking every 2-3 hours now.

Anyone got any advice?

K x


  • Could it be that she's trying too hard for the milk & needs a bigger teat size? My mw recommended making the hole bigger in the teat with a sterile needle to see if she was any better with the bigger size, before going out & buying them if it worked.

    Haven't really got any other suggestions, but hope that things resolve for you soon xx
  • Thanks honeypops. I've moved her onto the fast flow teats (TT) to see if that would help her get more milk. Does that mean they are bigger holes? Sorry to sound thick! x
  • Has it been warm where you are, and has she been having water? Might be that she's thirsty and tryting to regulate that by drinking little and ften?
  • It's not massively warm MrsSetters compared to other days anyway. I do try with the water but she will only take maybe half an ounce two or three times a day - she is wise to the fact that it's not milk!
  • The fast flow teats should be bigger holes. They (TT ones) go from 1-3. There are age guides on the boxes, but you will probably find that these are not always applicable, If I remember correctly, our lo went onto the number 2 teats around 8 weeks.

    You may find that she gets a 'milk beard' the first couple of times, but as long as she's not obviously coughing/spluttering, it may be worth a couple of tries just so that she gets used to the flow, especially if she's been used to working hard for her milk,

    My lo is exactly the same with cool boiled water-not interested in the slightest! Now she's nearing 6 months, I'm hoping she'll start taking water from a cup...xx
  • Thanks honey. Well she made me out to be a liar and slept from 8pm to 5.45am solid last night! Good news is she downed 4oz when she woke up so the day has started well! image
  • Hope it continues for you, and she's more settled xx
  • All sounding good, but in case your LO goes back to being a snacker you could just try a bigger teat rather than a fast flow. My LO never got on with fast flow, but she did feed much better when we went onto size 2 from new born - might be size 3 in your case.

    She would only ever have 2 - 3 oz, but would feed all the time. Then she got to about 4 months and started downing whatever you gave her!

    Hope your good day continues!
  • Thanks HE! Rather randomnly she took 5oz at her last feed (about 4 hours ago). It would seem if we can start the day off right (i.e. with a nice big feed) then that does the trick. Thanks for the tip off re the teats. Will see how she goes - thanks all x
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