I'm so fing mad

Me, Evie & oh went to see his nana on saturday and she fing gave her a chocolate finger to suck on shes 19weeks for gods sake, i was at the loo when she first gave her it and when i came down i kept saying shes to young etc trying not to cause an argument but she wouldnt stop it took Evie spitting it out for her to stop i told oh when she gave her sugar to say something but he feels he cant as shes had five kids wtf does that matter, this is the second time i've told her if she does it again i'll scream ggggrrrrrr xxx


  • i know what you mean. its my mum though whos like give him a taste of beer/coffee/tea/sweets!!!!erm no. what makes me laugh is she is like well we gave you these tings, oh did you well im not been awful but before i had lo i was a right boozer and im not exactly a size 10 so not a great example.lol.xxx
  • i would of been mad too! you should def say something to her. Cameron is 9 months, ohs mum is constantly giving him biscuits and cakes and things. she will be having him when i go back to work and im dreading him being fed this kind of stuff all the time. yesterday she gave him 2 biscuits before his lunch and when she went to give him a third i had to say not till after his dinner. needless to say when he was in his highchair she was stood behind me holding A TIME OUT bar ready for when he'd finished!
    its a grandma thing hun, but no matter how many kids theyve had you still have the right to say thats not how you want your child fed!
    ohs neice grazes on shit food constantly so she doesnt eat meals at all, i dont want cameron to end up like this. iv even tried taking rice cakes and biscotti things up to her house but she'd rather give him chocolate and other sweet things!
  • Had something similar when we went to see pil, happened to be chips instead! Wish I'd had the balls to say 'oi, no!!'but I didn't. Agree with wotastinkybum we need to have confidence in ourselves to say when we don't agree. Have to say people should still have the manners to ask before shoving random food stuffs into babies mouths!
  • i don't understand why people rush to give kids, especially babies, tastes of chocolate, crisps etc. is a strawberry or piece of banana not sweet enough for them at such a young age?
    makes me cross!!
    next time i'd start a row :lol: nana or not they need to respect your wishes as a parent xx
  • ok now i feel like a bad mum, i often give JJ a taste of what we're having, he had a suck of a kit kat and a penguin biscuit when he was 19 weeks old....i personally (and dont shout at me) think it's good for them to have a little taste of different things and it gets them used to textures (obv i don't mean feed them choccy biscuits all the time :lol: )...JJ had a few mouthfuls of a rich tea biscuit soaked in tea yesterday :\?

    i think i probably would be mad if someone gave JJ something without asking me first but to be honest theres nothing i really mind him having a little taste of :\) x
  • mrsjbourne don't feel bad he's your child and a rich tea isn't that bad.

    I don't blame you for getting angry.

    I had a blazing row with my mum the other day because she gave my monster a massive but of custard from a sustard tart with out asking and then he choked on it.
    She thought it was ok because I give him mini rice cakes but he's used to them but not used to bloody custard Grrrrr
  • I think I'm going to have a nightmare with this and my mum! She's already given Oscar a piece of baby chocolate biscotti. Could have been worse but I'd only been weaning him a week, all he'd had till then was baby rice, oh's mum has a problem with gluten so we want to avoid it for a while and he was 18 weeks!! I was not impressed.

    I'm determined Oscar's going to have a good diet. We will let him have chocolate and naughty treats but I want him to have his tastes for fruit and veg etc established first.

    Saying all that, I'm a wimp and probably wouldn't have the guts to confront anyone who goes against my wishes!
  • Like most of you i don't mind her having the odd bit of chocolate etc but we have just started on solids and i want her to develop good eating habits. The reason i'm so mad is if Evie gets the hiccups which is often she gives her sugar pure sugar and i just don't want her developing just a sweet tooth, also i would lie to of given her her first taste of chocolate when shes bigger me and oh were going to get her some thortoms buttons in a month or so and give her one, i'm so peed off that she keeps going against my wishes xxx
  • I think its up to you if you give your baby chocolate or sweet things but no one should give your baby something without asking. It would drive me mad if someone did that!! We have given Frankie a little taste of sweet things off our finger, my mum was round once and asked if she could give her a little taste of the cake she was eating. I didnt mind but if she had done it without asking i would not have been happy.

    I hate that people automatically think they can do what they want with your baby cos they have had X children and they turned out fine!!!!
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