Help - Baby refusing solids!


My DS who is almost 8 months is outrightly refusing solids and has been for the past few days. Every time he is placed into his high chair he either cries straightaway or cries once the food is about to enter his mouth. Just now he has has a crying session so I removed him from the seat, tried feeding him on my lap and he's having none of it. I've resorted to giving him a milk bottle as dont want him to go without and he has polished it off.

He won't drink water either (when he loved it). Not sure what to do. Should I take him to the doctors or will they tell me it's a phase he's going through?

My DS is recovering from a cold/cough (almost gone), could he have a sore throat? No fever.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



  • My guess would be that he may be feeling a little under the weather still, we sometimes go off our food when feeling rough and babies are the same. Or could he be teething, friends have told me their babes flat out refused food when teething?
    If he's still taking milk then he'll be getting nutrients so you shouldn't worry too much (I know it's easier said than done).
    If it's only been going on a few days, see how he is over next few days and then maybe seek advice from docs? I'd just keep offering him food whenever you eat in a relaxed no pressure way and hopefully he'll get his appetite back.
  • Thanks mummyjackson,

    Yes, thankfully he's still taking milk otherwise I'd be at the end of my tether. Because he took a full bottle I'm guessing he's definately hungry, just wonder if eating solids (puree food in my case) is a little uncomfy for him xxx
  • He will also take water out of a bottle but refuses it out of a sippy cup (which he used to drink out of before. Hmmmmm, perhaps it it teething and the sippy cup is hurting his gums?????

    It's be so much easier if our LO's could speak!!! xxx
  • Could be teeth then and the harder spout of a sippy cup is hurting?
    I'm only in week 3 of weaning, so please don't take my word as gospel, I'm just going off what I've read and been told by friends.
    We're trying BLW and first week my LO picked up everything and tried it and gummed it, I was so impressed. Week 2 she completely lost interest altogether. Very strange. It would be so handy wouldn't it if they could tell us what was going on!
    I hope your little man sorts himself out soon.
  • hey hun, my DD is currently teething (7months) and she too has been a nightmare to get food into the past week or so, she's also been 'messing' about with her bottles too, like moving them about in her mouth so i think it's definately teeth in my case.

    i've also noticed that she is acting up with a spoon (we are mainly finger food at our house) with her porridge on a morning whereas she used to LOVE it and couldn't wait for more!

    i've tried teething salts etc before meals but tbh haven't found it makes any difference. but so long as you DS is still getting milk i wouldn't worry too much. we had a nasty chest bug a month ago and doc said so long as she had milk not to worry about even giving food if she didn't want it xx
  • Hi ladies thanks for your advice. Had wondered if it was teeth related as he's always chewing on things. Has his 2 top and 2 bottom ones through. Offered some food about 30 mins ago and he took a few mouthfuls before he started whinging. Thankfully he's been drinking his milk so that makes me feel better. Hope our lo's appetite returns. Thomas is quite a chunk at 20lbs so has plenty of reserves although I do like to see h enjoy his food! xxxx
  • My DS is 10 months and is refusing anything from a spoon, has done for the last 2 months. He windges and pushes it away. Have you tried finger food? That is what i'm doing although not getting on very well as although he knows exactly what to do he doesnt seem to want to eat. Sorry not much! image
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