Shoe size growth rate?

Sorry for the boring topic.....

LO is 9 months and a size 4 (apparently we got him measured last week for fun, didnt buy anything)

However we are getting married abroad in October and all the sandals will be gone soon from the shops.....

Roughly (and I appreciate it is at different rates) - how often do you have to get your LO new shoes?


  • when we got ds measure a few weeks back i asked how long roughly would that size last and she said they recommend getting remeasured roughly every 6-8weeks. don't know if that helps at all xx

    just wanted to add ds is 15months and only a 3.5 lol x
  • dont know if it will be much help but my dd1 was a size 3 when she started walking at 11 months and is now 5 and is a size 9 which i think is small for a 5 year old anyway but im not sure. i think their feet grow alot more in first year or 2 than after that. could you ask if you buy a size 4 and a size 5, could you take back the pair the doesnt fit even if its just for an exchange? x
  • Every baby is different. I know some babies who go through shoes every 4 weeks. However Abby got her 1st pair at 10 months in October (size 2) and her second in March (size 3). She hadn't even completely grown out of the size 2s in March but they were cruising shoes and she was running around and they don't do supportive shoes in less than a 3. At 18.5 months and 9 months on from her first pair she is still comfortably in her 2nd pair (size 3).

    I would leave it until nearer the time and try and get some from ebay. There will definitely be some sandals available online.

    H xx
  • It can vary a lot. We got DS measured once he was walking and he was a 4H, 4 weeks later he was a 5G, then 6 weeks later he was down to a 4G again. Think it was about 3 or more months later that he finally went back up and came in at a 5H (in one foot and around a 4.5H+ in the other). Had to get him 5.5H's as the 5G's didn't fit any more. Then a week later went to get him some doodles, and he was still a 5H, but even the 5.5G's (they don't do H fittings in doodles) didn't fit so he now has 6G's!!!!!!!!!

    Long story but needless to say - it will vary, especially when he starts walking. I suspect that he will go up either a half or full size, but depending on width fitting it may not be as simple as getting a slightly larger size.
  • Hehe I thought it wouldnt be simple....I was hoping someone would say - oh on october 29th he will be a 5H haha

    Internet shopping my best bet xxx
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