Homemade purees

My lo had some of my homemade food today...brocolli cheese with carrot. He wasnt as impressed as he was with jars but he ate it all!
So I have made a spag bol for him today & pureed it up. Hope he likes it!
Thing is, my oh and family are really against making homemade foods, they keep going on about how jars are better & easier! But I want him to get used to the taste of home made foods...
What foods do you make for your lo's???


  • Homemade all the way here. They taste so much nicer! I do occasionally use fruit jars if we're out and about now but he does prefer my food (or thats what I tell myself!)

    If he's not used to homemade start with blander tastes first hon to get him used to it,xx
  • I'm planning this whole weaning thing at the moment, and I want to do homemade food, I think it's nicer and alot cheaper! I have got a few jars in case I run out or for just trying some new things.

    My friends baby is refusing mashed foods at the moment, and her hv said it was because she only used jars, because these are alot smoother than homemade purees.
  • I planning to do the same with Barney that I did with Millie and give homemade stuff nearly all of the time and just use the jars when we are out, although I did used to buy pudding jars for Millie quite often. I don't think there is anything wrong with the jars but I agree that they smell and look rank! I'm quite fussy about food anyway and the jars make me feel sick so I used to try and get her dad to do dinner when she was having one lol.

    I had some really good books of weaning recepies (I'll have to get them back out soon!), the Annabel Karmel ones are good. Two of Millie's favourites that I can remember were fish and veg in cheese sauce and chicken, red pepper and tomatoe rissotto.
  • I'm just starting to wean Isobel at the moment and am hoping to keep to homemade recipes.

    So far she has had sweet potato,carrot and pear puree and enjoyed them all. (Do seem to have a lot of orange stains though now on bibs and sleepsuits and also my tops - lol!!! Have just ordered Annabel Karmels book to give me some ideas for mixes and recipes.

    I have got some jars in though as well to use when out and about as think it will be easier than taking homemade stuff.

  • definatly home made, thet taste so much nicer than jars and i love experimenting with different recipies. i do get the occasional desert jar or she may have an emergency one if we are out longer than expected but thats hardly ever. hop e that he likes his spag bol. x
  • I do a mixture of stuff - i tend to blend/mash potatos, veg and stuff and freeze them seperately then do a cube or two of those with half a jar of something, either that or mix veg cubes with whatever we've cooked up and cubed. It takes ages to do a big cook up of something and its a pain so we tend to do it occasionally and make loads at a time. Some of the jars do smell minging, but cole seems to like them - I just make my husband feed him the fish if he's home!! no way am i cooking fish for cole!

    I don't have a problem with jars tbh - it'll expose cole to a wider range of food than i'll manage to get round to cooking. he usually has the pudding jars at teatime too - he loves the rice pudding and egg custard stuff, and the lemon souffle one smells great!!

  • ok are they mad yes they might be easier but i would never call them better.
    with my first born i only fed him home made, unless i had gone out and things hadnt gone they way i planned and we were still out during meal times, then i would buy him a jar.

    with my daughter it was a half and half as i just didnt have as much time to make home made meals all the time, and that will probably be the same case this time round x
  • Hello. So far I have mashed up almost every vegetable going for Nathan and made random mixes. He hasnt refused one yet! Although we do use jars for fruit purees and he loves them! I have used jars when I have run out of my frozen stuff and not realised - mine are much lumpier than the purees that I have bought.

    He had Pumpkin/sweetcorn and potato today (I think, its hard to tell once they're made exactly what it was and I can never remember what I put in! But, I added some cheese to it which was yummy, could've eaten it all myself. He also has cooked Asparagus spears to chew on and had toast for the 1st time today.

    I've got shepherds pie, macaroni cheese and beef caserole portions ready for him from when we had them recently. I always cook too much so its been easy to stick some in the freezer for him. But up to this week he's only really had vegetables and fruit so I'm hesitant to introduce things too quickly.


  • I attended a post natal group a few weeks back and the HV brought some purees along for the parents to taste. She had some from jars and some homemade and asked us to guess what they were. With the jars you couldn't tell what some were. One was definitely meat - I said lamb and it turned out to be chicken!! Have to say you could actually identify the homemade ones a lot easier.
    Will give Mollie homemade as much as possible and only use jars as a last resort.
  • I totally agree that homemade is better...but I dont mind the taste of the jars actually lol. But I agree you can't tell what they are.
    The broccoli cheese produced a very odd nappy though - haha!

    Sweet corn is a good idea, we've got some in the freezer! Aren't the shells a bit hard for them though?

    Nathan sounds like he's coming on well with weaning! I gave Gabe some toast ages ago but he just stared at it lol. Gabes still on really smooth food, though he has his cereal quite lumpy as it never seems to mix right, and he's ok with that. I've started making it with whole milk now and its so much easier!

  • I do puree sweetcorn in a blender as I think he would gag on the shells, the same with peas! He was a bit over keen with the toast though. Started well, then tried to get a whole toast finger in his mouth, needless to say some gagging did occur!
  • I've never used the jars & I really hope I never will! That's not me saying that it's wrong to do so or anything like that it's just my personal choice that i'd rather my LO was having something that I know exactly what is in it.

    She is currently only allowed powdered foods as she's being tested for intolerance & it's driving me insane the consistency, smell & taste it's so different to the homemade food! Anyway each to their own!
  • I cook homemade for Charlotte but I must admit a lot of her puddings are from jars.
    I think that's because I prefer cooking savoury. I've done spag bol, chilli con carne, chicken korma, macaroni cheese, beef & chicken casserole, fish so she has quite an assortment.
  • I have started on the jars to be compeletey honest, I have bough AK book of weaning - but i'm just not very confident, when I make them my self I think 'oh sugar will what i've made up upset him?' and i'm not sure about textures and what to use to make it wet ect.. In my head i'd prefer to home make stuff as of course it's much nicer & i'm sure i'll introduce some when i'm a little more confident! lol the funny thing is I am making them and then freezing them, but then get a pang of worry! (madness!) I give him the creamed porriage, baby rice, banana ceral, peachy creamed porriage, ect.. then for lunch/dinner he'll once of those 'ella' range but he's not so keen on the savory!! but he'll eat it any ways! lol all this along with 54 oz of milk a day! xx
  • Well he had the spag bol and though he didnt seem hugely keen, he did eat it!

    I did loads of apple and banana too and he LOVED it- I've never seen him so enthusiastic about food!

    This morning I did apple & carrot, cauli and broccoli cheese, chicken, and cheese & onion mash...hope he likes them!!
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