First words!

Gabe said "Mama" right at me the other night but NO ONE believes me!

He said dadada to Mil too!

He is definitely babbling and talking when he wants to (just gone 6 months) but when will he start doing it all the time?My oh doesnt believe either of us!!! x


  • Congratulations!!!

    It's gorgeous when they start to talk, isn't it! image

    I find myself 'translating' my 2 year olds sentences for everyone else! :roll:

  • hey wow that so cool! Jemima has got as far as chatting yet. Shes so determind to crawl. She got herself into the crawling position today. Im in two minds...yes I would love her to crawl as shes been trying to for ages. But no I dont want her to as I will have to have my eyes on her constantly and wont be able to turn my back!!

    I ahve my camera at hand so I can video or capture anything she does that she never done before. Hubby wont believe me otherwise!!

    I look forward to when Jemima can say dada. So when I say to her who would you like to change your dirty nappy, she can say dada. My hubby has never changed a dirty nappy...only held her legs lol!!
  • Lauren was talking at 7 months so its definitley possible. Maybe thats why he's not been moving about so much. He's just taking everything in and ready to make his point now! Who needs to roll when you can just say "mama, get me my milk please" lol.

    Hope he does it in front of someone else for you soon. Keep saying it to him and he might copy you!

    Well done Gabe!

  • wow thats so good, clever boy you gabe xxx
  • Jason's doing the same!! lol he says dada quite a bit but only says mama when he's hungry, oh did say he was saying mama this afternoon when i was in bed (just gone back to work on nights)
    he's beginning to say hiya but usually ends up in a raspberry! lol
    can't wait for his first proper word
  • Thats great. Kara said mama first as well. She said Dada a few days later then that was her favourite word and only said mama when she was whinning. She is 14 months now and is a chatterbox.
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