my baby is in his own room tonight :(

I am gutted image I am so worried he will choke or something and that I won't hear him image his dad has slept on the settee the past 2 nights (he was out and isn't allowed in our room with the baby when has drank lol) and my ds2 slept so much better as oh is such a snorer etc, i love having his wee cot beside me I put my hand through and hold his wee hand while he sleeps image i felt so bad putting him down, hes still breastfed to sleep so he was alseep as he went down but image image image image image image image I don't think i'll sleep a wink tonight


  • ahhh.....I am sure he will be fine! You never know he could shock you and sleep through the night! Fingers crossed for you my lovely xxx
  • Ahhhh, it's such a mixed moment. So sad to not be so close anymore, but I do like having time and space just with hubs. How old is your lo? We moved ours at 7 months and she is sleeping better thank goodness. She is also bf to sleep!!

    Good luck let us know how it goes.

    Em x
  • cheers chick hes getting so bbig so fast image howz u x
  • Aww dont worry hun im sure he will be fine, we had to put DS in his cot from 9 weeks as he is that long, and needed to go in his own room as couldnt get it in ours, and he ended up sleeping through the night and has done so since! Like your OH mine snores really loud too so he must get a better sleep, as he cant hear himself snoring!! Hehe.
    I love putting him to bed now, i get big smiles and he knows his mobile will get turned on and as soon as i reach for it he gives a really cute giggle x
  • hey ems hes almost 23 weeks now - i am looking forward to 'proper' me and hubby time the sofa has just not been cutting it - oh is delighted about the move!!!

    hey bluemummy - i know i'll get over it as ds1 's bedtime was enjoyable too its prob as ds1 was 9 months as i lived with my dad until me and oh got our house so was a good wee bit older - took a photo of him in the cot after his bath before he went to sleep for his wee book 'first night in your own room' god i love him so much lol x
  • How'd it go chick?
  • aw thanks for thinking of me - he was a good boy slept from 730 to 5am and fed then slept until 7 he seemed unfizzed by the whole thing lol i was awake every couple of hours but have the video monitor now so if I wake just 'view' him so it makes me a bit more comfy with it all only thing is he's spied the camera today and keeps looking at it when he stirs during his day naps and instead of going back over is flipping over to have a wee nosey lol am going to have to reposition it!!!
  • Thats fantastic, well done!! Maybe he will go till 6am tonight and before you know it he will be sleeping through!! Its sad tho, ive really felt it since i moved LO to his room. I had to coz he was too big for his moses basket but i did cheat a few times and just squash him in it!!!

    Gemm x
  • lol me too before he went in!!!!!!!! it jusst feels your not as close at night or something. how are you doing any way mrs xx
  • im glad, well done him and you. Love the idea of him looking at the camera... reminds me of big brother in the early days!!

    Em x
  • We are the other way about, hubby wants to keep lo in with us and the HV advised us both today that its time she went in her room, she is almost 10 months and she is going in on Saturday!
  • Hope you managed to get a little sleep xx
  • its funny now he is in the other room i seem to sleep less lol im constantly looking v hard at the monitor to make sure i can see him tummy going up and down lol lol he seems fine with it all opened my eyes at 7:10 and he was already horizontal banging his cot side, you know like a prisoner does with their cup on their cell bars lol and of course looking at the camera - so funny lol it must be as its white and black dont babies like that contrast?!
  • Moonbeam it took me about 2 months to sleep properly after Dylan went into his own room, and even now I wake far far easier than I ever did when he was in our room. I wouldn't mind but he plays in his cot for about an hour before he stands up and bangs and calls for me but im awake the whole hour laughing at his noises, hubby meanwhile at the weekend is still fast on :roll: there again I suppose he's forgiven since he gets up before us all during the week!

    Your lo obviously loves the camera and is going to be a right poser image

  • Im doing fine Mrs, apart from my wee monkey having bad nights again. He went from 7-7 at 4 months to up 2ce a night at 5 months and now we had him feeding last night at 6pm, 8pm, 11.30pm. 3am. 5.30am, 8am!! Nice!!!!!

    I dont know if its the weaning thats doing it, he seems to not be taking as much milk in the day so making up for it at night.. Hes also rolling to his tummy then getting stuck and as soon as i go in he wants the boob!!! I actually bought some dummys today, not that i want to give him one but i might try tonight to use it to settle him again.

    Was hoping oh was going to do the 10pm feed tonight to let me go to bed but he is man tired!!!

    Gemm x
  • lol bit like the man flu lol reece has started this tummy business too and cant settle himself as bf to sleep big pain in the bum - i tried him with a dummy 2 days ago funnily enough, he sucked away but not to sleep he just played!!!!!!
  • OH Joy!! Lo is not bad at settling himself tbh, he is great in the day and going to bed, it just seems to be in the night we have a prob. He doesnt usually wake or if he does he chats and goes back to sleep but he is getting cross coz he is stuck!!! Hope it wont last long!!
  • we've got to stop meeting like this on boob monster/sleep threads!!!!

    We've been getting LO to settle at night off the boob by putting a cellular blanket under his head so he thinks he's cuddled up to me. Works quite well once he's stopped screaming!
  • id say its like all their 'new tricks' he'll get bored eventually i remember the first time i went into the room and ds1 was standing up in his cot holding onto the bars i made uch a fuss!!! big mistake every sleep time I put him down and hed be straight up shouting and expecting the same encore for his new trick lmao now but it was one of those stressful sleep things too lol
  • lmao grizzlechops i think our wee ba's are like 2 peas in a pod by the sounds of it!! lets make sure they never meet as I think if they shared strategies we'd be stuffed lol
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