yey a car!

morning girls, sorry this is a little off topic, but i'm very excited as my hubby is borrowing a car for the weekend. He passed his test in november but we cannot afford a car yet. A friend of his at work has said we can borrow it for the whole weekend, so he has gotten himself on the insurance and has got the car home now! hee hee!

Probably sounds very silly to a lot of you, a simple thing to be excited about but we've always had to rely on public transport or getting places on foot which takes for ever and can be a nightmare, ie, buses turning up and they are double deckers with steps to get onto them - i'm buggered when that happens!!

Even something as small as being able to drive evie to her childminders this afternoon rather than the 30mins walk to get there, then 30mins back again is getting me all excited!

going lots of nice places in it this weekend so it'll be brilliant, and being able to do the food shop without getting a taxi home will be wicked! hehe. So for all you who take your car for granted - dont!!

a very happy linzi XX


  • Oh that's great Linzi, make sure you do make the most of it xx
  • That's fab news hun! I'm sure you'll have a real break now xox
  • Thats great. I passed my test last February and I honestly dont know how I managed before I could drive. Enjoy it x
  • dont be daft- thats fab news. go to the seaside, amusement park, make the most of it and
  • that's fab. We just bought a 2nd hand car last week so this is the 1st weekend we're going to be more mobile and don't have to get bus everywhere. I cna't wait to go to the supermarket and not have to worry about buying to much and carrying it or ordering online (Ialways forget something) But it also means we have no excuse for the 3hr drive to in-laws so going there on Saturday so there is a downside too, lol ! Have a fab weekend. S x
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