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Eureka Moment - The Baby Whisperer

Hi Girls

Yesterday I bought, Tracy Hogg's Baby whisperer book. The whole Gina Ford thing sounded too 'military' for me and not my cup of tea but I had heard that this was a softer version so I thought I would give it a try.

After reading the first couple of chapters I have had my Eureka moment. First the book actually "describes" different cries and confirmed to me that the "waa" "waa" "waa" cry was LO "I'm Hungry" signel (I suspected this was the case but now I'm confident about it) and that a more intense build up cry was LO's "Mummy it hurts" signel.

After reading about the differences between wind, reflux and colic I now realise where I have been going wrong, mainly too much jigging about making LO reflux problem worse, and last night tried the left side stomach rubbing technique. Eureka!!! Last night after waking for her night feed she was burped and back down happy asleep within 20 minutes. It was bliss especially as I'm full of cold and needed desperately to have a good night.

I'm just so happy. image Rather than me trying to find the best route through the forest via trial and error, I know feel like I have map and a few sign posts to help along the way.

Next step getting to grips this the E.A.S.Y routine. So far the 7am Eat, Activity, Sleep and You steps to the E.A.S.Y routine have worked a treat...its early days yet but I'm really opptirmistic.

Just wanted to share my Eureka moment


  • Hiya, I also have the book and love it. Normally I would dip in and out of a book like that but I read this from cover to cover and really enjoyed it as I would a novel! I just wish I had read it before I had my baby! xxx
  • congrats. on finding a routine that works for you and your l/o and on a good nights sleep!! x.
  • I also have this book and i couldnt live without it. Its like my bible. I also tried the left hand winding yesterday and can definately see a difference. x
  • ah yes tracy hoggs the baby whisperer, i watched her programmes constantly while pregnant and when baby was younger but i have not seen any on for ages. i know that she died ( very sad, she was a wonderful lady). but i havent even seen any repeats.
    is the book actually called tracy hoggs baby whisperer???
  • Just thought this mite be of interest.....
  • This book sounds fab..........have just put a bid on one on ebay for 50p!!!!!!!
    Can't wait to read it as all advice is good advice when your a new mum!
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