Bottles and a one year old


I am confused and need some advice, Lily will be one in six weeks and currently has 3 x 7oz formula bottles a day, made up of one 7am 2pm and one just before bed at 7pm.

She is at nursery and they have started to give her formula in a beaker at 2pm they are telling me she is drinking around 5oz, yet at home I struggle to even get her to drink water out of a beaker.

So what is recommended when they get to one? do you stop the formula and switch to full fat cows milk and cut out bottles slowly and replace with the beaker?

I am just not sure?



  • my lo couldn't have cows milk until he was over 2 but i just swapped the bottles for the beaker and put the formula in the beaker until he got used to it, frommemory i think he only had a nighttime bottle from about 9 months and cut that out at about 14 months x
  • think I will go with the 2pm beaker at home to see if she gets on ok with me and then try the morning one, I can not imagine not giving the nightime bottle think I will miss it as well as we have a cuddle up

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