This should have been my wedding day!!!

Hi girls

A bit depressed today as we had planned our wedding for today, church booked, invitations sent and everything but we cancelled it as it was all a bit much with the baby and we recently moved house. Looks like its going to be a nice day too!!!!:cry:

Have come down with the lurgy, bambino has been sick all week so its a good thing really just sitting here thinking that i should be drinking buck fizz with my mum and bridesmaids!! OH wrote me a lovely letter for me to see this morning though telling me how much he loves me and that we will do it soon. He is working tonight so i think i will buy a big bar of chocolate and watch crappy tv!!


  • Aww babe. It sucks when stuff gets postponed. Just think though... more time to plan, prepare, and get OH to splash out on something nice...!!

    I'm thinking i will join you on the chocolate stakes. I went to an ann summers party last night and it was the most depressing thing ive been to in a long time!! lol!

    Oooh and now.... you could wait til LO is toddling.. then how cute would that be!!??


    Sorry.. can't seem to spell today! x

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  • hey,

    we moved 4 days after getting back from our honnymoon and it was really stessfull - we almost lost our buyers the day before our wedding! I think we only managed to hold onto it because we said we couldn't do what they wanted because of the wedding and honnymoon! And we didn't have lo then so I can imagine why you postponed it.

    It was lovely for your oh to write a letter for - make sure you do something really lovely over the weekend - you definately deserve your favourite chocolate!

    try and think to yourself that it's not cancelled, just postponed and gives you something to look forward to.

  • Aww. thanks for your replies, cheered me up. Yes definitely postposed not cancelled and it will be much better when Callum is a bit older, it would definitely all have been about him today!! At least there is more time to get into our dresses, better not eat all this chocolate!!! xx
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