7 month old with temp of 102-104 for 3 days???

Our poor little pops has had a temp for the last 3 days (this is the third) ranging between 102-104 and i just can't get it down or break the fever.

In herself shes quite lathergic (last night and this morning) and i'm starting to get worried but i know the doc wont do anything- any advice ladies how do i break this fever??

Her twin brother has a nasty ear infection at the mo and her sister has a bit of a cold so i had been thinking it was linked to this but neither of them are running a fever and seem okay in themselves.

Advice welcome i've done calpol, nurphen, baths etc, she is drinking although not taking full feeds and has had a few loose nappies.

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  • With a temp approaching 104 I would be straight to the doctor. That's very high. She could well have an ear infectin/cold - just because her siblings aren't running a fever is irrelevant as their systems may be coping with their illnesses differently.

    Really hope the poor mite is feeling better soon.
    Anna x
  • We had the same thing two weeks ago with rafferty and he was so lethargic just wanted to be resting his head on my shoulder (which is not like him at all!) he was having neurofen and calpol intermittently but still 38+ turned out his 4 top teeth were cutting through all at the same time, once they were through (took 3 days) he returned to normal!
    I hope your little one feels better soon, and if it continues with no obvious sign of the cause I would definitely take a trip to the doc
  • definatly straight to the doc. No question.
  • The doctors wont do anything i've spoke to the emergancy doctors at 8am they advised calpol and nurophen and to come back after 3 days? its the third today.

    I had been wondering about teeth but she has her 2 bottoms and the ones on top are showing no sign of coming?!
  • personally, id go anyway. I wouldnt care if they have a go or whatever, if its been that high for that llong id be demanding a second opinion.

    Hope it works out.

    Em x
  • I would keep on at the doctors & insist on them doing something. A temperature that high for that long is not good, especially if paracetamol & neurofen aren't shifting it. It's *unlikely* to be teething related, as I believe that this only causes a slight rise in temperature. I hope Poppy feels better soon, please let us know how you get on xx
  • As the others say, I'd be at the doc's, and go even if they said not to! My LO had temp of 103 a couple of wks a go, and I took him to Dr's twice in one day because it wouldn't go down (neurotic, moi?!)

    My mum, the oracle of all wisdom said when I was unsure, thinking, I know what they'll say....! Said, 'They get paid enough!' (No offence to any people in the medical profession here!) But I thought, you're right! Lol!!

    Hope your DD feels better soon xxx

  • Poor Poppy! You are a bit stuck if the docs wont help. No good just saying go to the doc when they wont do anything, and even then getting an appointment quickly is usually a battle!

    Have you tried putting her near a fan, to help cool her. Will she take water? A cool shower somtimes helps. I think it is more the running water rather than sitting in water. I know Emilia finds showers relaxing, so maybe it will do the same for poppy and this might help bring her temp down? I just take her in with me and she likes to have the water run down her back...and then she likes to try and grab the water!

    I hope she feels better soon, and you find out the cause xx

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  • I'd be straight to the dr. at temp that high in little ones can lead to convulsions ( I watched my little bro have one, not nice).

    My dr is good in that I mention little ones and fevers we're straight in.

    Hope she's better soon

  • I'd go to a local community hospital, it's the weekend and you don't want it going on for another 2 days, I'd get him seen tonight, like now! And then I'd get another doctor. If there's no community hospital take him to A&E.
  • Thanks we went to emergancy doctors she has tonsilitus.
  • The poor lass - hope she's on the road to recovery and that you're not too frazzled by the whole thing xx
  • Oh poor baby, I'm on antibiotics for that atm and it's nasty. Hope she gets better soon. xxx
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