do you have a .... record book? The ones that you record all their 'firsts' in? I did with J, half did with Isaac and havnt bothered with Tyler and I feel a really guilty. Do you/did you have one of these? xx


  • Hi, yes i got one for Amara. I'm not up to date with it yet but hoping i will be able to catch up with it soon with all the other things that need doing.
    Dont feel guilty. You have 3 kids to look after and keeping it up to date can be time consuming. You can always start one now. xxx
  • I had one bought for me last Xmas when I was 8 months pregnant. I've never used it though so I do feel guilty as it's lovely. My sister bought me for Xmas a Humphrey's Corner calendar (Charlotte has HC in her nursery) so I put it in her nursery and write everything on there instead.
  • hi elaine yes i have one of these. I sometimes forget to fill it in so have to try and remember roughly how old he was when he did certain things. I will do one of these books again when i have another baby too. its just so charlie can look thru it when he is older and see what he did and when. i just need to get some pics to put in his book now.
    Could u not get one for tyler anyway and fill out what u can or make rough guesses? x
  • oh yeah i spent hours on the one for Zach, family tree, pregnancy photos, nursery photos, who gave him what at birth for gifts, cards, first lock of hair, first birthday pics etc etc!! but haven't even bought a book for Molly! i do feel guilty but i have taken millions of pics and am in the process of making up a book on photobox - from pregnancy to birth. i also did a bump cast as a keepsake and am going to the ceramic experience to get her feet/hand prints on a tile.

    i suppose you get less and less free time the more kids you have!


  • I haven't got a 'formal' one - it was just a free sticker book one from HIPP organic - think it might have been in one of the bounty packs. But I did use it to record all Lily's firsts in - using the stickers was really handy, but I did write extra notes in it too. I've also used her red book to record things too.
  • i had 2 for justin which were compleatly filled in
    3 for maya which were compleatly filled in
    and charlie has two which have been filled in as much as can be as he is only 3 weeks old x
  • i have one for Ellie and filled it in religiously for the first 6 months then forgot about it and still havnt weighed her for 3 months! glad her 1st year is over so i can finish it and put it away! LOL
  • i have one for evie and it's all filled in and up to date. I really want to be able to compare with my next baby though as i'm sure i will have forgotten what sort of age babies do things at so will use evie's book as a guideline!! also, my mum had one for me and i love looking through it!
  • Ollie had a Humphreys corner one that was filled in pretty religiously, except when it got to his 58th tooth (or whatever!)

    Alex has a Baby Boy book, that got filled in, but didnt get any photo's in!!

    Issy has a book inside a keepsake box from M&S. all that is in the keepsake box is the tapemeasure, name bands and cot cards, as the Congrats cards dont fit in, and confession - the book is only just filled around the time of her birth! as she is now 14 months old, i have alot of back tracking!! no photo's in hers, either!
  • I have the one my mum did for me (I am 42) but was useless at doing my own childrens! I too had a lovely humphreys corner one for Violet but haven't even taken it out of its box...she was 1 10 days ago!

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