help, how much milk?

Hi girls,
My OHs grandad died yesterday and the funerals next friday, the thing is we cant take Connor and its a 2 hour drive away so we hve to leave him with my mum.
I have a few questions if you dont mind?

1- How much milk should i pump? wel be gone from 7-3/4, hel be 5 months old and last week he weighed 15lb 11oz.
2- Any tips on giving him a bottle?
3- Any tips on helping him settle?


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  • ok - how many bf does he have in a day - any idea???
    Does he just have milk? if he does then you will prob need to do a few bottles with as much milk as you can really just to be on the safe side!!
    If he has not had the bottle before - I would try him a couple of times before you go so that he is used to it when your mum gives it him.
  • Hi Gill, I presume you mean 15lb 11ozs? A rough idea for how much Connor may take from a bottle is to take his weight in lbs and divide by two, i.e. 15 / 2 = 7.5 so roughly a 7oz bottle.

    Harry was 5 months on 9th and he usually has between 6 and 8oz formula per feed. I found when I was expressing for him while he was still breastfeeding I could only get around 5-6 oz per go so you might want to start a few days before and freeze some milk - better to have too much than not enough!

    Sorry to hear about your OH's grandad

    Clare & Harry x
  • Hi thanks for the replies!
    Louise hed probably have 3 feeds in that time period, an weve started him on some baby rice this week, so maybe if my mum gives him some at lunchtime that might tide him over a bit? and il try him on a bottle every day til friday!
    Clare - Yep i did mean 15lb 11oz lol, ive only got 3 8oz bottles so do you think that would be enough? and what do you store bm in in the freezer? sorry for all the questions

    Thanks for the advice
  • I used the Lansinoh freezer bags, I imagine there are loads of other brands as well. you express whatever you can, pour it in the bag, seal the top (kind of like a normal freezer bag but double seal) and pop it in the freezer. I think a box of 25 of these bags was about ??5 from Boots last time I bought any. Somebody correct me if I'm wrong but I think you can put your bottles in the freezer as long as you leave a gap at the top (as the milk expands when frozen) and put a proper lid on.

    If Connor would usually have three feeds then three bottles should be enough but I always overestimate so I would recommend trying to express an extra bottle worth just in case - unless you don't mind your mom giving formula in an emergency (ie Connor deciding that day it would be fun to have a huuuge appetite!) you're better to have too much than not enough. As for actual bottles, she could always sterilise one if it was needed while Connor was with her, I know my MIL has boiled a bottle in a pan on the hob one time!

    HTH - I'm sure everything will be fine

    Clare & Harry x
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