when can babies have a cup of tea?? xx


  • i give J tea sometimes (although its motly milk) he is 3. I wouldnt give it to babies because of the tanning and caffine content. xx
  • My hubbies mum apparantly used to give him tea in a bottle when he was only a few months old - then wondered why he didn't sleep through the night until he was 4 lol! Don't think my lo needs caffeine just yet, he has enough energy for me!

    No idea what the guidelines are, but I know tea and coffee make it harder for our bodies to absorb iron which is bad for babies and toddlers. I guess you could give them fruit caffeine free tea. xx
  • o right, how stupid of me, as if jayden needa any more energy, he has only just started sleeping better at night... now only wakes once... lol xxxx
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